Friday, July 24, 2020

JAMES RAMOS AB -275 NAGPRA Expansion Closed to Reality

James Ramos CA Assemblyman From San Manuel

Indigenous tribes in California who are not federally recognised will be granted rights to reclaim their ancestral objects from museums and institutions in the state if a pending repatriation law is approved as expected on 31 August. The bill—called AB-275 Native American Cultural Preservation (2019-2020)—has received “overwhelming bipartisan support in the California assembly and in its hearing in the senate”, with a 78-0 vote, the assembly member James C. Ramos (Serrano/Cahuilla) tells The Art Newspaper.who printed this story

OP:  We've written on these abuses including when Pechanga took over Tongva Remains, because they had federal recongition and the Gabrieleno didn't.
Navy's Defective Determination on NAGPRA

The bill expands on the existing Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)—a federal mandate enacted in 1990 to allow tribal leaders to reclaim human remains, burial items and other sacred objects from institutions. The federal law, however, excludes tribes that are not recognised and listed by the US Interior Department—a significant failing in the eyes of tribes in California, many of whom lost their recognition during the mid-20th century.

The state bill would create a Native American Heritage Commission that would identify and maintain a list of California tribes to consult in repatriation matters, and would revise the definition of “California Indian tribe” to include tribes that are not federally recognised. It also defines “museums” as any institutions that receive state funding—even partially. The bill is expected to be signed by governor Gavin Newsome by 30 September.||

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