Thursday, September 20, 2018

NCAI: Will They FINALLY Stand UP AGAINST Tribal Disenrollment

For years, we have reported that the National Congress of American Indians has stood by in silence, while over 10,000 American Indians have had their civil and human rights abused by Tribes who have disenrolled their people.  

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September 28th is the deadline for submitting resolutions to the NCAI for the 2019 year.

A resolution is one of the policy mechanisms utilized by NCAI to express the consensus positions of member tribes on tribal, federal, state, and/or local legislation, litigation, or policy matters that affect the welfare and rights of American Indian and Alaska Native governments or communities.  With over 10,000 Natives affected, you would think the issue is one that needs resolutions.  How many does it have to happen to before it's WRONG?

Could THIS be an opportunity for JUSTICE, maybe supported by tribes that have brought their people home in a reversal of disenrollment, like what happend at Enterprise Rancheria and the Robinson Rancheria?

NCAI members establish the organization’s positions on issues that affect tribal nations and Native people through a resolutions process. NCAI resolutions are one of the policy mechanisms used to express the organizational positions on tribal, federal, state, and/or local legislation, litigation, and policy matters that affect tribal governments or communities.

The resolutions created and passed by NCAI members cover a broad range of topics and are important for providing direction to the organization and as advocacy tools with policy makers.  Take a look at how the resolutions are flowed.

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