Friday, July 31, 2020

Win River Casino Tribe Desecraters of Elder Virginia Timmons On Whose Land Their Current Casino is based, SUES

Redding is trying to 'kill' Win-River's expansion plan, lawsuit alleges

In a statement, the Redding Rancheria  which runs the WIN RIVER CASINO said it "believes the City of Redding has tried to kill the tribe's Casino Relocation project. By selling this public property to a private entity with deep pockets, the City of Redding is trying to prevent commercial access to the Tribe's I-5 property, which could prove detrimental to the viability of the Casino Relocation Project."

Boo fucking HOO.  How does that compare with forcing a family to dig up their ancestor for DNA, then not accepting those results? And then stripping their citizenship?

THEY sold property that was theres! WAH!  Read the Record Searchlight story 

A statement from Cam Foreman, grandson of Bob Foreman, whom we've profiled  many times:
While I do sympathize with some employees and Members of Redding Rancheria and Win-River Casino I do not have any Sympathy for the circumstances and Redding Rancheria collectively.

In 2002, A Conspiracy was orchestrated to strip the membership and Disenroll My Grandfather, Pit-River Achomawi Elder, US Navy Veteran, Champion of Native Health Care as a Founding Member of the California Rural Indian Health Board and First Tribal Chairman, Bob Foreman Sr, Son of Lorena Butler and Grandson of Original Tribal Distributee Virginia "Nano" Timmons.

After the Tribal Council rejected Indisputable Documentary Evidence, and Federal and State Records and Rolls which should have ended their Inquisition, He was forced to Exhume his Mother and Grandmother for Genealogical DNA testing with a living descendant which proved he was the Grandson of Virginia "Nano" Timmons.

Despite the mountain of Indisputable Evidence they ignored ALL of it while providing NO Supporting or Corroborated evidence of their own to Push their Conspiracy and Disenroll him in 2004. He never saw his name restored and passed in 2008.

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