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Original Pechanga's Blog Year in Review: FOURTH QTR October - December

Wrapping up our year in review, you can find our 3rd quarter HERE .   The second quarter Here  and the 1st quarter HERE.

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Chukchansi leader TEX McDONALD JAILED for leading an attack on the Chukchansi Gold Casino
Word from Pechanga that chairman Macarro was shielding his corrupt little brother from attacks within. Luckily they came from felons who were a bit worse than Little John Macarro..

The Sacramento Bee said Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's ad was misleading. Uh, that's almost a lie right?

Grabbing the pubicity in leading the charge against the Redskins nickname, we found a video Oneida Chairman Ray Halbritter leading the teardown of his own family's HOMES. Which is worse, BIA?

“If ever there were irrefutable proof of the need for the injunction to continue, it would be the opposition documents received from the McDonald faction,” the judge wrote in his nine-page order issued at noon. “The McDonald faction argues that its incursion was a lawful effort to evict ‘trespassers’ from the casino, namely members of the Lewis-Ayala faction and the ‘mercenary’ private security service.Judge Lowers the BOOM on Chukchansi and keeps casino closed

A GREAT STORY on theTongva of California keeping their language alive

The estimable Gabe Galonda on tribes using the Jack Abramoff playbook

The National Congress of American Indians embarrassing their organization by not discussing the civil and human rights abuses of Native Americans...BY Native Americans


In an example of Tribal Abuse and expanding it's APARTHEID SYSTEM, the Pechanga Tribe stripped resident allottees of their mailboxes and REFUSED to allow mail carriers onto the reservation to deliver mail.

Further tarnishing his legacy, Attorney General Eric Holder finishes the year of ignoring civil and human rights abuse, by promising to keep looking into criminal Michael Brown's death. GET SERIOUS, ERIC.

The Britton family descendants of the PALA tribe heads to the appellate court after losings a ruling.As usual the BIA was a hinderance and not a help to Native Americans harmed by their own tribes

The Dry Creek Rancheria tossed out Harvey Hopkins from chairman spot. Loss of revenue and his leading a disenrollment debacle didn't help.

A MUST READ article about Redding Rancheria Chairman Robert Foreman's legacy, and the abuse his family had to bear. They should have a STATUE in his honor, instead, he died without receiving justice...

We linked to a great article on Tribal Disenrollment by Johnnie Jae


We constantly talk about tribal disenrollment, butTribal moratoriums on enrollment have left a lot of damage in their wake. Here's how the death of an elder, had Pechanga tribe turning it's back.

A reminder thatTribal Disenrollment is GENOCIDE even if bloodless, it's still abuse.

Senator Dianne Feinstein again showed concern for TERRORISTS, but NOT for the THOUSANDS in HER STATE abused by their own tribes.

The woman who committed the Pechanga Casino Murder was ordered to stand trial. Be careful when going there,

Facts don't matter when it comes to DNA testing the Foreman family of Redding Rancheria proved that sad fact.

Those that fought for their rights in the Berry Creek Rancheria went to court in waves. A reduced sentence was the result. But they stood UP.

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