Monday, December 29, 2014

Original Pechanga's Blog Year in Review: First Quarter Jan-March 2014

It's been a year of turmoil in Indian Country with more tribes joining the disenrollment train and abusing their's the first of four recaps..


We started off the year with a story about how the Spirit Lake Casino ramped up their hide their disenrollments at Grand Ronde.  Things got so bad, even the AP finally discovered disenrollment , albeit a decade late.

Showing that the Northwest can disenroll with the corrupt tribes of California, Nooksack Chairman Bob Kelly showed his contempt for his Tribal Court going against their rulings, and their disenrollments continued by phone in some cases, as facing those you will harm, takes balls, which were missing from Kelly.

Senator Maria Cantwell announced she'd leave the chairmanship of the Senate Indian Committee. At least she gave Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro who had lied to Congress a hard time in trying to steal water rights from allottees of the Temecula Indian Reservation.

We again asked if the federal recognition of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians Indians should be revoked for their corruption, disenrollment and abuse of their people for over a decade. It was a sad anniversary of ten years for the Redding Rancheria disenrollments of their first tribal chairman and family.


Theft from Native Americans topped topped $700 Million and that was just from the detail we had. It will real one BILLION DOLLARS soon.  And tribes will say, disenrollment is NOT about the money.

The Chukchansi Tribe continued it's disenrolling ways coming with threats of treason and sedition..

The BIA provides GRIEF Counseling after murders of tribal people by former chair of Cedarville Rancheria.  Funny how they can help AFTER the fact...Tribal disenrollment, the cute name given to the ripping out of the culture/history of Native People, has been growing for a decade, under the eyes of the Department of Interior, The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Justice Department and look at the result.

MURDER at the Pechanga Resort and Casino proves that you are not safe there.  Pechanga has had car jackings (from their own tribal people, thuggery that forced closure of their Eagle's Nest club for a time) and their own casino guards beat an elderly customer for not moving fast enough...


The National Council of American Indians came out STRONGLY against the Redskins nickname, Yet the NCAI  was alarmingly silent on the scourge of disenrollment that has ripped the hearts from Native People, much more than the moniker of a football team.    REALLY, NCAI?  Is this what is important to you?  Have you called tribes who have disenrolled and spoke to them about the THOUSANDS of Native Americans who have had their heritage wiped away?  

We asked if disenrolling tribes of California should be called bad actors  and lose the right to have internet gaming should it become law.  What's worse, Poker Stars or Pala?

In a bit of sanity, the tribal court threw out  Nooksack chairman Bob Kelly's attempt to "disenroll by phone".  They did refrain from calling him a gutless pussy, but the intent was clear.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indian reached a decade of disenrollment marking ten years since the Manuela Miranda descendents were disenrolled en masse.

Attorney General Eric Holder may not be a pinball wizard but he has been deaf, dumb and blind to the injustices in Indian Country, even with many letters sent to the Justice Department...

March was "Nooksack Month" with a lot of wrongdoing happening in that tribe.  Take a look at our archives for March.   Next up: 2nd Quarter.


Anonymous said...

the truth is crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Op let us not forget enrollment for moratorium Temecula Indians was to end this year told to us by enrollment committee we would be enrolled no more moratorium. in Oct this year Tosabol.descendents called there was intertribal. decision without our notification we know 3 more years of moratorium Now Don't forget the New Casino tower was released in November on social media thieves of our land 18 years of moratorium We will band together to get what belongs to us Polysqwalis says

Anonymous said...

even if the moratorium was lifted, how would they get hold of everyone, do you they kept all of the application's, doubt that very much.

Anonymous said...

It is a known FACT that many people had put in there application well before the moratorium. This is NOT DISPUTED by the enrollment committee.

When this was brought up before the General Membership they voted to NOT enroll any of these people, even though they had placed there application before there was a moratorium.