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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How Pechanga Treats Reservation Landowners: The Rios Family BANISHMENT. Thanks MUNOA's for Standing UP for your OWN

REMEMBER this treatment of the RIOS family. They were kicked off the reservation, where there are land owners for PICKING SAGE...

It's amazing what Pechanga chooses to BANISH tribal descendents for. It's WELL KNOWN that they have a child molestor in their midst as well as many of the Masiel Crime family with violent offenses that bring police to the reservation.

And AMAZINGLY, they banish members of the Tosobol family, which HAS LAND ON THE RESERVATION and BLOOD RELATIVES living there for: wait for it...


Those dastardly villains who come onto the reservation, TELLING the security guards WHAT THEY are doing there, then get detained, searched and now face LIFE EXCLUSION for merely being on the land they OWN?

Ask yourselves, readers, WHAT is the larger crime, child molestation or sage picking? Destruction of a childhood or a plant that grows in abudance? What is the Pechanga Tribal Rangers definition of UNDESIRABLE? Please check the links above


Anonymous said...

Joke ~~>I can't breathe!

Anonymous said...

It's sad, I don't care anymore,I have gone on with my life.I have family that are members also.

Good luck my family, god bless!

Anonymous said...

Talk about pure evil,acting like vindictive juveniles, just complete idiocy. I cannot believe these people are even allowed to exist, boy oh boy there is a place in hell for them.

Anonymous said...

HOW DARE they( the Tosobol family) practice there religion on there own land, property that they own. I thought freedom of religion was a right granted by the constitution, unless your Indian it seems.