Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I'd like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas.

Sadly, this time of year is not always good to many of us.  Our Rios family friends have lost their patriarch and worries about how they will pay for his funeral have made this past week difficult.

Our elders are aging quickly, and sadly, many will walk on without receiving justice.   We must increase our efforts for THEIR sake.

As we move into the New Year, please look inward for what YOU can do to help.   Get on your computers, share letters, comment on news articles, join Twitter, so that you can share our blog posts, and others with those who should be working on our behalf, including our Senators and Congress.

TELL OUR STORIES of abuse and injustice with everyone.  Spread the news of their SHAME and why they shouldn't spend their dollars at some of these tribe's businesses.

One or two is too few...when there are THOUSANDS of us who have been harmed.  ADD YOUR VOICE, ADD YOUR STRENGTH and the strength of our ancestors.   Don't let THEM win, without a struggle.   We have proved that winning is possible, fighting off a theft of our water rights..with just TWO of us going to Washington.    Chukchansi Casino is CLOSED and that story may be #1 for the Fresno Bee.  

Believe me, the powers that be KNOW what is going on.....they just have little political will to do the right thing.  YOU can help give them back their backbone... if you USE YOURS.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all  and keep coming to this blog and share it with all your family and friends..


Anonymous said...

Merry X-mas to all , and to my family who are tribal members,god bless.

White Buffalo said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Non-Merry Xmas and a Horrific New Year to Robert Smith and Teresa Nieto of Pala for what you have down to people and their families may you burn in hell or jail either would be fine. And the same to you Mark Macarro! Here's to a New Year of justice and change.

Anonymous said... you know what happened to Pala Watch? seems like an advertisement for Pala Interactive now. Did he give up the site to Robert?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

What happened is that the owner of the Pala Watch blog decided that there was too much trash talking going on and closed down the comments. It was not given up to Robert Smith, nor was the decision made because of any of Smith's threats regarding tribal members who commented on there.

The articles on Pala Interactive are intended to reveal the theft, fraud, and deception used by Robert Smith to participate in online gaming. He used tribal funds, the right of tribes to participate in gaming enterprises, and the shield of tribal sovereignty to cover up the facts.

What facts you may ask? There is the $100 million that was stolen by Robert Smith and used to start a joint venture in online gaming operating out of New Jersey. There is the fraud of using the name of the Pala Band of Mission Indians to legitimize the venture, but naming Robert Smith as the majority owner of the venture. There is the fact that Robert Smith did not present this investment to the General Council of the tribe and obtain authorization to use tribal funds and the Pala name. There are the continued lies and deception Robert Smith committed by denying the investment his ownership of the company.

It's okay now though. I heard he actually told the General Council or at least some members that Pala Interactive is a reality. This is after denying it for over two years. The claims that Pala is in the midst of a severe economic crisis is due to the theft of all this money to buy the company, and then the continued outflow of money to support it until it begins making money, if that ever happens.

Pala members should know that the salaries of Pala Interactive's Executive Officers are being paid, there are marketing costs, including paying World Poker Champion Phil Ivey to promote the company, payroll expenses, website maintenance, legal costs, licensing, and who knows how much in bribes needed to get the ball rolling.

If Pala members have actually been reading these articles they know that the General Manager of Pala Casino Resort, Bill Bembenek, has been given a cushy job with Pala Interactive. Probably a reward for helping Robert Smith steal so much money ever since former manager Jerry Turk rode out of the reservation with $120 million in cash.

So if you want news about Pala ask the Chairman. He'll be just as open and honest as he always is.