Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Original Pechanga's Blog Year in Review: Third Quarter July - September 2014

More corruption, More Tribal Abuse of Children, Fake Indians, Lack of Support by native lawyers..


We reminded our readers that Disenrollment has been under the eyes of the BIA giving tacit approval to tribal cleansing. NOOKSACK 306 know this to be true

  A UCLA professor embarrassed himself with a poorly researched article that made bogus claims in Pechanga disenrollments.

Gabe Galonda on framing the debate on disenrollment... a must read.

A water rights bill by Pechanga Chairman's lobbyist wife STALLED in the SENATE after meetings and language changes disallowed the theft of allottee's water.  A waste of tribal money....again.

My rebuttal to UCLA Professor was published in Indian Country Today he didn't get published for a while after...coincidence?


We asked should Chukchansi Tribe's Federal Recognition be pulled?

The Nooksack Tribe was hoisted by their own sovereignty petard The Nooksack Indian Tribe cannot claim its sovereignty trumps the terms of a contract it signed to obtain a loan for its casino, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday, Aug. 21.

One death of a criminal in Missouri got Attorney General Eric Holder's attention, yet the abuses in Indian Country STILL can't get a return letter?
The inanity of the Redskins nickname flap gained some notoriety when Lakers Owner Jeanne Buss, who takes money from an APARTHEID Tribal Nation, Pechanga, refused to draft Washington Redskins players for her.....fantasy league..

There was a TRULY hostile takeover at Chukchansi Gold Casino wow


Proving that fighting for our rights faces an uphill battle.. the California Indian Law Association, held a gala at the Pechanga Resort & Casino, who's tribe stripped citizenship from 25% of their tribe, sent jackbooted thugs trespassing of private property, to warn THEM about tresspacing, initiating Segregation on the Pechanga Reservation. I know, hard to believe...

Vaunted Elder and Civil Rights Activist Lehman Brightman needs OUR HELP after suffering the effects of a stroke...
 In a truly FACEPALM WORTHY action, Democrats worried about ISIS's rights, yet show no concern about the rights of Native Americans. Barbara Boxer...where ARE YOU?

The Paskenta Band replaced FOUR members of their corrupt tribal council

In talking about FAKE INDIANS (a la Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, this story on actor Iron Eyes Cody points out, that no matter how you act, you are not Indian without blood. Pechanga's council member Butch Murphy has NO Pechanga blood.

Nooksack Chairman Bob Kelly CONTINUED his abuse of the Nooksack 306 CHILDREN.

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