Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SHINGLE SPRINGS Miwok Have Disenrollment and Removal Activity Underway UPDATES

Multiple sources are reporting that there is activity on the Shingle Springs Reservation in El Dorado County   

I was just told that Shingle Springs just disenrolled a couple of families.The disenrollled included employees of the tribe, who have all either walked or been removed from the sites.


UPDATE:   Reports are that sheriffs are responding....
UPDATE:  Sheriffs still on scene, waiting for update..


Anonymous said...

Why are they disenrolling?

Is it true they FIRED some people??

Anonymous said...

It was discovered their ancestor had no connection to the tribe families, we base our roll list off the members that showed up 1916 censius, while her "parents" showed up on the censius she did not, she would have been 8 at the time. A geneolgist and other agencies were involved. BUT that is what they are telling us, even going as far as posting the family trees in Jan for our families to review. Because they attempted to explain it to us.

Yes it is true people have been removed from the positions they held in the government and in the casino, due to events up north, everyone is very upset. It breaks our hearts to do this to people we grew up with.

We are not denying theyre native, just sadly not a part of our tribe.

Anonymous said...

if her "parents" are on the 1916 roll doesn't that make the family - grandchildren, great grandchildren and so forth tribal members? makes no sense to say they aren't tribal member while there are ancestors on the rool

white bystander said...

So your saying that you grew up with these people on the res.and because the white man census dosent have them listed you cut them out.Man I sure wouldnt want to have your carma.No wonder you posted as anonymous.from what I know about the real miwok is that they were and are very accepting, and giving people. are you sure your miwok?