Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nooksack Tribal Judge DENIES Contempt Motion; Miffed It Was Brought UP.

From the NOOKSACK 306 FB Page.

Friday, the Tribal Court Judge (The Chief Judge is Raquel Montoya-Lewis) denied our motion to hold the Kelly Faction in contempt of her order to allow 306 families $250 in Christmas support.  

She also refused to hold them in contempt of another order she issued last March, for automatically disenrolling at least 4 of our relatives.  She did not overturn the Kelly Faction's removal of Rudy and Michelle on MLK Weekend, saying that was a "political question." 

She expressed her annoyance at us having filed five lawsuits (because the Kelly Faction changed the court's procedures last summer). She never minds the Kelly Faction's violation of almost every provision of our Constitution. She accused our lawyers of "harassment" by seeking to uphold the Constitution on our behalf. 

She is clearly afraid of losing her job if she rules against the Kelly Faction. Still, we forge ahead, to the Court of Appeals and in the Nooksack Council Election. Stay strong, everyone. Because there's one thing the Judge cannot change: That is that, We Belong.

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Anonymous said...

Another reason that judges should be voted in and not appointed. Her decision is a sad one. These people of status that follow the money are proving to be very hard to fight, but good always overcomes, so keep up the fight.