Sunday, February 16, 2014

BIA's AMY DUTSCHKE decision on the Chukchansi Tribe Matter

BIA Director Amy Dutschke rendered a decision earlier this week on the Chukchansi matter, which will be appealed we're sure. But it's a decision that needed to be made when a tribe can't manage itself. Read it

Dutschke Decision Can be found here

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Anonymous said...

It has been appealed, Amy is a freaking the rest of bia.

Anonymous said...

I love how Reggie states in the Fresno bee "the feds" dip shit feds haven't done or said a damn thing.

Alaina said...

This woman, AMY DUTSCHKE, thinks because she is in the Regional Director position that she can just pick and choose on which side she wants to be on!! She does NOT find out who has proof or is in the right, she just picks who she likes best and will do anything and everything in her power to make sure she gives them the backing they need and wants!! As she is doing with our tribe the Paskenta Band Of Nomlaki Indians!! We are in the process of disenrolling people from our tribe that on multiple occasions through the BIA we proven not to meet criteria to be members of..then by illegal means they showed up on our rolls and strode forth to take over our tribe..they have committed numerous crimes and now that they have been caught they run to the likes of AMY DUTSCHKE...and this CROOK AND DISGRACE TO THE NATIVE doing everything she can to back them...I say that the tribes she has done wrong should band together and demand she be removed for her crimes!!