Thursday, February 27, 2014


Marc Benjamin of the FRESNO BEE has the story of the missing THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS from The Chukchansi Gold Casino.

Two bags stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino that were not deposited in a tribal bank account -- and have now disappeared -- have sparked charges of money mismanagement by one of the tribe's competing factions.
But an attempt by the faction to obtain a federal temporary restraining order to force the funds into the account failed when U.S. District Judge Anthony Ishii said the faction was attempting to overstep its jurisdiction.
The question of Chukchansi tribal authority and leadership continues to be murky.
Equally murky, said Richard Verri, attorney for the Reggie Lewis group, is what happened to the $316,017.
In legal documents, the Lewis group claims a note inside the two money bags listed the tribe's gaming commission address as the money's destination. The information was provided in a letter from the San Francisco-based law firm of Bingham-McCutcheon, which represents Rabobank. The tribe's Rabobank account pays Wells Fargo, the trustee for investors in the $250 million restructured financing for the casino complex.
The money had been counted in the casino's cage and then was driven by armored car transport to another location for a second count, Verri said. During that count, a note was found inside the bags that said the money should go to the tribal gaming commission offices.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Rabobank and Wells Fargo are going to keep all the money from the Casino until the loans to build the Casino are repaid. Tough luck for tribal members and indian legal beagles. The golden goose just died.

Anonymous said...

Thats pocket change to what Marrco
and Smith & Nieto have stolen from the Pechanga and the Pala People.

Anonymous said...

Dickstein probably stopped by for a small payment for his " services"

Anonymous said...

This is going to have a bad "Ending".

And I am not from Chuknasty Tribe,....I think you know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

a bad "Ending".

It might be a bad ending for the corrupt leaders,but a great and happy ending for those that have been "Wronged".

Anonymous said...

He-he....yep that is EXACTLY what happened. Oct. 9th the McDonald faction did an ARMED take and are now sitting in jail. So where has the NIGC been for the last year as the Ayala faction was walking out of the casino cage with over $1MILLION and walking over to the tribal offices????? Yeah the good old lazy govt for you. They are useless.