Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IS CHUKCHANSI PREPARING FOR A FIGHT? Fortified Positions Against Law Enforcement or Disgruntled Members?

It looked like the recent shooting in Cedarville Rancheria may have caused some "thinking" at 

the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians in Coarsegold. They have fortified the tribal buildings. Are they LOOKING FOR A FIGHT? Here is what sources say:

my relatives are back from the Reggie/ Morris meeting. they drove by the tribal buildings and saw that

there are in fact barricades and bunker type structures with holes for ... guns? The Reggie/Lewis council

claims that no type of law enforcement will fight to place the BIA CHOSEN COUNCIL on tribal lands. To 

prevent violence BIA MUST shut the whole thing down


Anonymous said...

The governmental buildings have been barricaded for over a year now, nothing new. Reggie and his lie filled followers are reporting old news trying to make it new again. Law enforcement does not want Reggie back, it would NOT be in Madera counties best interest if Reggie had his way and they know that. There has been appeals filed, (multiple appeals) which means they things are at the moment they will stay and if reggies does try to cause another riot as before HE and HIS followers will be arrested..... Nothing has come from the federal government, all Reggie got was a bogus opinion and he is trying to run with it. But its no more than an outside opinion from a moron who does not know what is really going on and just wants something on paper to cover her ass. Reggie is leading the blind off a cliff. Their are 900 of us, lets stop thinking about the money for a bit and think about what is truly right, about how to fix our government to keep our people safe, our tribe has land, (not in Fresno)... We all know that we dont get a lot money wise, not anywhere near what Reggie and chance give themselves.... So why keep fighting for them???? We are all just pawns in their game, expendable as far as they are concerned. Look how fast they were to DISENROLL, not sanction like TEX (at least Tex is not taking everything) Once Reggie has his way we are all in trouble. There have been rumors that he is even willing to go as far as running the tribe into the ground to the point of closing just so he can sell the machines to north forks casino, and he will sit back and collect the money he was promised by them.....whats that mean for the rest of us chukchansi people? A big fat nothing. So while he is buying all his votes at 1000 bucks a pop, before you sell your soul to that devil, think about the long run please and not just the instant gratification of an easy grand in your front pocket. NO past council members are good for our people, they have ALL wronged us, even 2010. There were disputes back then as well, the BIA just didn't pay any attention until after that date, which is why Amy would make such a stupid ass remark as she did.

nickey said...

My relatives have been watching Bulldozers over the last few days adding on to the OLD BARRICADES.

Anonymous said...

Your relatives are BIG FAT ASS LIARS!!!!!!!! I put that on the blessed grave of Kat Masterson RIP.... There has not been a bull dozer at the government building in almost a year. They must be thinking about the emergency gate the county has been working on.