Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tribal Casino Crimewatch: Shooting at Barona Casino UPDATES; UPDATE

Tribal Casino's continue to be an attraction for crime. Pechanga of Temecula has had carjackings and attempted murder on a police officers and Soboba has had multiple shootings, NOW at Barona: UPDATE: GUNMAN CONFIRMED DEAD. STANDOFF IS OVER. ONE OTHER CONFIRMED FATALITY.

UPDATE: Questions surround Barona Shootings

day after a murder-suicide at the Barona Gaming Commission office, investigators and the two dead men’s friends and families strung together more pieces of what happened but struggled with the question of why. Authorities still don’t know what caused former employee Donnell Roberts to kill Executive Director Raymundo Casillas Jr. and himself Tuesday after ordering three others out of the building just before 10 a.m. Story HERE

A gunman opened fire and held people hostage for a time Tuesday at the offices of the Barona Gaming Commission in eastern San Diego County, a sheriff’s official said. But it was not immediately clear if anyone was wounded or killed by the gunfire, which was reported about 10 a.m. at the Barona Road complex in the Lakeside area, Lt. Julie Sutton said. The assailant - possibly a gaming commissioner or other employee of the agency, according to television news accounts - held an unknown number of people hostage for about an hour before releasing them, the lieutenant said. Deputies surrounded the building where the gunfire rang out and trained their guns on it. As of 11:30 a.m., the shooter was believed to still be inside the structure near Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino. UPDATE: Police have him surrounded. Reports say three shots were fired. Shooter identified as Donell Roberts, 38, of El Cajon. UPDATE: From the Union Trib: Shane Richardson, a visitor from Detroit who remained inside the casino, told KGTV Channel 10 that everyone inside the casino was told that they could not leave. He said ropes are up blocking the main casino entrance. Richardson, who is in the casino with his mother, said they had not been told what was going on nearby, but casino officials told his mother that “if there is anything to worry about they would tell her.” “Everyone seems confused and doesn’t really know what’s going on,” he said. OP: Comforting to know. UPDATE: Continued reports say witnesses are reporting that IS a victim inside the Barona Gaming Commission office. Sheriff's department is NOT confirming this UPDATE: Still news is reporting no contact with Donnell since he's gone it, but : Shortly before noon, paramedics took a gurney into a building near where the incident occurred, but it was for a person who had suffered an asthmatic problem. Salinas said he did not know if the medical problem was prompted by what had occurred earlier.


Anonymous said...

The gunman was a former security guard at barona and promoted to gaming comissision.He was fired one month before christmas.(ex marine)He went into the gaming managers office and shots were fired,they have not released the name of the employee killed.

He was divorced and had five kids(the shooter).The victim was not a tribal member.

Allen L. Lee said...

Sounds like a tragic but typical stress and desperation motivated crime.

'aamokat said...

I don't have much sympathy for this man to kill someone over who knows what.

Maybe the victim really burned him but enough to merit being murdered?

I think a human life is priceless and yes even those who did us wrong at Pechanga.

It is up to God to deal with the sins of individuals not us, especially taking it upon our selves and committing an ultimate sin such as murder.

White Buffalo said...

It might be said that we have accomplished nothing in the past year, but this is only a statement that is meant to discourage. Your efforts in publicising the corruption of the Casino Indians has cost them millions of dollars.

Keep vigilant in your efforts to stop the genocide of tradition and family lines that are the embodiment of a once proud people. In your efforts rests the spirit of your ancestor's. It is my wish, hope, and goal for the new year to see the ruination of our culture stopped and all families who were made to suffer the injustice of the corrupt restored in body and spirit.

Pray for strength of spirit to continue the fight in the new year. Every breath that speaks of the wrongs, and every word written about the lies and illegal acts will further the cause so keep in your heart the knowledge of right and wrong and what it is you fight for 2010 is a year to stand with your brothers and sisters in this circle of life

Guero Nunez aka White Buffalo

Allen L. Lee said...

So we start to address the moratorium tomorrow!

stand your ground said...

Yes, those in The Moratorium also need to stand up and fight more then ever now, and when you Disenrolled write about YOUR NEED TO PRAY FOR STRENGH AND HOW MUCH YOU SUFFER it would be wise to include those who have been waiting for years to receive justice form the VERY SAME TRIBE
that did you injustice.
They are, after all, family.

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