Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pechanga Leader Macarro Praises Bill to resolve 50 year old struggle. Disenrolled to Keep Their Struggle for Justice Alive

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians today praised a bill that would ratify the resolution of a dispute among the tribe and local water agencies that has gone on since the 1950s.

The band and the Rancho California and Eastern Municipal water districts have been fighting for years over the water allotted to the reservation.

Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Palm Springs, introduced HR 4285 Friday to ratify an agreement among the agencies.

“Generations of Pechanga leaders have struggled to secure access to this most important resource,” said Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro. “This settlement provides a large measure of certainty to Pechanga’s future in terms of water supply.”

The bill would ratify an agreement reached last December among the agencies. The agreement will provide Pechanga with rights to water that were originally set out in a federal law, the Fallbrook Decree, according to tribal information officer Jacob Mejia.

Pechanga is a tribe now well known for terminating tribal members in a quest to increase per capita payments to remaining members. Pechanga has kept rightful descendents from the tribe in an unconstitutional moratorium. But we are fighters. The struggle to regain what was stolen will continue.

Read more: http://www.swrnn.com/southwest-riverside/2009-12-14/politics-city-county-government/pechanga-tribe-near-temecula-praises-bill-that-may-resolve-water-dispute/comment-page-1#comment-21282#ixzz0ZmLioYSn


Anonymous said...

Macarro, stop lying. You are not a leader. Every time you lie, you should lose 3". You decide where.

Elaine Tavizon said...

There is an assumption that California is a land of plenty and that includes water resources. However, this is not an accurate picture.

California has a history of severe dought (1987 to 1993), unrelenting urban sprawl, and ever increasing infrastructure to bring water into California from other areas to serve not only agricultural needs (the primary income for our state), but to service households and recreation for the ever increasing population.

Promises to deliver water to all the sub-divisions of our state are becoming mute. Our congressional members who might mean well know that we are now federally transporting water from the agricultural market (CVP -- Central Valley Project Improvement Act) to the urban and suburban markets. Businesses like Pechanga need it for their golf course. Of course, they can afford the price of paying the water market game.

However, does that make them the "good neighbor" they claim to be or "keepers of the earth" as natives of this land?

Anonymous said...

Pechanga never needed the golf course. Only greedy eyes and hearts would consider wounding Pechanga for pure greedy intentions.

Pechanga's ecosystem is very fragile..do aholes care? not a whit. Who are these humans? not Pechanga...ruthless thieves; criminals.

Anonymous said...

why not start a letter writing campaign to Rep. Mary Bono Mack?...make her aware of whats going down with these crooks???

OPechanga said...

Great IDEA Anonymous 2:18!

Please write the letter and then post it here so we can copy it and send it to Rep. Mary Bono Mack.

PLEASE hurry, as there are few days left this session.

Anonymous said...

Just go to her website and start writing...if she gets a sudden influx of letters explaining the actions of a corrupt tribe and the water wasting of that stupid golf course and fountains everywhere..maybe she will start checking around???

'aamokat said...

We should also point out how the tribe promised not to do any changes to the Great Oak Ranch property if it was made part of the Pechanga reservation and once the tribe got the land put into trust, they tore up the land and that is where the Journey at Pechanga golf course is today.

So if they had kept their word, then the tribe wouldn't be using up so much water to keep the "greens" green.

Anonymous said...

Here is Mary Bono Mack's website:


She also is on Facebook.

OPechanga said...

We are drafting a letter and it should be up today.