Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cherokee Nation Leader Chad "Our Slaves Were Well Treated" Smith to speak at CNIGA on the Freedmen Issue

I just received notice that CNIGA is allowing Cherokee Chief Chad Smith to address the membership regarding the Freedmen issue. The Oklahoma tribal leader will as for tribal support for Felton Newell in his run for Congress in California against Rep. Diane Watson. Dian Watson is well known for her support of civil rights for the Freedmen. Smith plans to show a video regarding Freedmen. This is the same Chad Smith that wouldn't allow his "debate" with with Charles Ogletree to include facts about the case. Will CNIGA allow equal time for Representative Diane Watson?


Stop All Disenrollments said...

Maybe the more important question is WHY would CA Indian Tribes with Gaming, invite a man who is a civil rights violator and one who refuses to use money to help his own people?

Lying down with dogs will give you fleas....

Of course, they already have dogs in the group like Morris Reid and Mark Macarro...

Allen L. Lee said...

Ironic that this would be posted on Human Rights Day:

“Embrace Diversity, End Discrimination
December 10th, 2009, the sixty-first observance of International Human Rights Day, Ban Ki-moon launched the theme of the year, “Embrace Diversity, End Discrimination” pledging to fight discrimination, reminding the world that discrimination targets individuals vulnerable to attack.

“No country is free of discrimination,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a message for the 2009 Day starting the year to ‘Embrace Diversity, End Discrimination.’:
It may appear as institutionalized racism, as ethnic strife, as episodes of intolerance and rejection, or as an official national version of history that denies the identity of others.
Discrimination targets individuals and groups that are vulnerable to attack: the disabled, women and girls, the poor, migrants, minorities, and all those who are perceived as different,” he added, pledging UN commitment to fight inequality and intolerance wherever they are found.”
Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated:
“Our main objective is to help promote discrimination-free societies and a world of equal treatment for all. Discrimination lies at the root of many of the world’s most pressing human rights problems. No country is immune from this scourge. Eliminating discrimination is a duty of the highest order.”

The United States joined the United Nations calling to end all discrimination. This ideal "was reflected in President Obama’s Inaugural Address when he reminded us that every generation must carry forward the belief that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness," said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
Human progress depends on the human spirit, and this inescapable truth has never been more apparent than it is today. The challenges of this new century require us to summon the full range of human talents to move our nation and the world forward. Guaranteeing the right of every man, woman and child to participate fully in society and to live up to his or her God-given potential is an ideal that has animated our nation since its founding.

“No country is free of discrimination" not even sovereign Indian Country. Obama and Clinton need to be pro-active on the Human Rights violations occurring in Indian Country under Federal Jurisdiction.
They continue to foster a Casino "economic class chasm" that violates the rights of tribal members. At this point, all parties are fully aware of the problem and those who refuse to act on it, are complicit in it.

Michael said...

Oklahoma bred Chad Smith, running Cherokee tribal businesses at a LOSS and now wants to tell Californians what's best for them?

Treat your FREEDMEN BROTHERS with dignity and honor your treaty first.

David Cornsilk said...

Where will this meeting take place? What's the skinny on who, what, when and where. And will taping be allowed?

OPechanga said...

This happened YESTERDAY, with no advance notice.

There was no taping and no option for a balanced presentation

No wonder membership in CNIGA is dropping.

Anonymous said...

CIGNA doesn't represent Indian interests; it represents non-indian interests.

Only dogs are allowed in. You kidding me?

Ernie Stevens Jr and Jacob Coin were the lead dogs sent to California to "train" dogs willing to betray Indians.

All those Miranda and Maciel are not Pechanga Indians; they are thieves. They have to be removed from all positions; everything they have represented is null and void for fraud.

Council, enrollment, development; culture and tradition of betrayal, thievery. No good fruit has come forth from the descendants of the 'original pig line.' 'Traitors'
rewarded with stolen lands in the form of 'grants.'

bathmate said...

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