Sunday, December 6, 2009

Suspended Soboba Leader Not Backing Down in Fight Against Tax Evasion

With their continued willingness to attack all things Soboba, while not publishing complete information on the wrongdoings of Pechanga, the Press Enterprise has an article on Bobby Salgado.

Suspended Soboba Tribal Chairman Robert Salgado has never been one to back down from a fight.

After decades at the helm of the 900-member tribe outside San Jacinto, the strong-willed former football star is facing another fight. A 36-count federal indictment alleges that he accepted more than $250,000 in bribes from tribal vendors. The indictment also charges that he concealed income from the IRS. He pleaded not guilty earlier this month. A trial date is scheduled for May 4.

Salgado faces federal prison time if he is found guilty of 29 counts of accepting checks and cash to pay his personal debts in exchange for contracts for services and capital improvements at the casino and reservation grounds outside of San Jacinto.

BLAMES Riverside Sheriffs?

But Salgado said the recent federal charges have him wondering about his past differences with Riverside County officials. OP: Like the false charges he made?

Federal authorities say the investigation began last year under a review of tax returns where Salgado was accused of underreporting his income. The Sheriff's Department has said it was not part of the investigation. OP: Does the Sheriff's Dept. get involved with tax cheaters? IF SO.. Riverside, HEY, not all Pechanga people live on the REZ even if they say they do on their taxes.

"It's funny how the Sheriff's Department and Sniff asked to close the casino and Stone asked me to step down. If you put two and two together, they couldn't do that there, what other ways are there to do it here?" Salgado said. "Who knows, maybe it's coincidence, but interesting if you read what he said." OP: Yeah, they forced him to cheat on his taxes?

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stand your ground said...

A rich Tribal Leader can always use a few extra $$$ in his pocket..

Anonymous said...

Not leader...greedy eyes thieves can never steal enough.