Monday, December 14, 2009

Steve Haze, Friend to California's Native American's Opens Congression Run.

Steven Haze has supported the rights of disenfranchised Indians in California.

Steve spent endless hours authoring and sponsoring the Resolution entitled the "California Native American Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity Legislative Initiative" and he successfully brought that Resolution up for a vote in front of the Democratic Party's Native American Caucus in Sacramento where it passed with a vote of support by so many of us in attendance at the Radisson Hotel. The outcome of that vote was a shock to those tribes in attendance who are so well known for their repeated abuse and violations of the civil rights of their members. It was a tremendous victory for us that day and Steve could not have been happier for us. The victory led to another vote AGAINST civil rights BY the Democratic Native American Caucus!


Steve Haze, Candidate's Appeal for Support - 2009-12-14[1]

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just do it said...

My Vote would be for Steve, he is a good and kind human being.
Can you say the same about our Politicians in Sacramento?