Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A'amokat Speaks the Truth About the Hunter Family of Pechanga. Original Pechanga People.

Readers, we get a commenter who breezes in and tries to spin the same web of lies that were told to get the Hunter family disenerolled. Our cousin A'amokat spell out the truth.


Briefly, as I have gone into detail many times on this subject on other threads on this blog, here is some of the proof that we the Hunters are Pechanga:

The original written enrollment application from 1978 had a supplment sheet that came with it that listed ways a person could prove tribal membership.

Among the proof was being an original land allottee, having recognized tribal members vouch that the applicant is Pechanga, having someone in the tribe from their line of desecent vouch for the applicant, or being a lineal descendant of a Temecula Indian.

1. Our ancestor Paulina Hunter was given a land patent from the U.S. goverment as a Temecula Indian for allotment #62 which we still own and many of our family members still live on. OP: 20 acres, which was for head of the family.

2. Testimony during probate hearings in 1915 in which Pechanga elders Dolores Tortuga and Jose David Rodriguez confirmed in notarize testimony that we are Pechanga and not only did our family live on the original resevation of the 1800s (backed up by the census records), that we lived in the Temecula Indian village before the creation of the reservation. OP: This sworn testimony was given in the LUISENO language. Not in English, the language of the Temecula/Pechanga people.

3. Before the first written application we got notarized testimony from non other than noted tribal historian Antonio Ashman, called a vaunted (much praised) elder on Pechanga's official Website, who said he knew Paulina Hunter as a member of the Band. OP: HE KNEW HER, as he was 24 years old when Paulina passed away.

So tribal hack, probably from the Masiel/Basquez family, are you still laughing at our proof or are you still laughing that you think we can't do anything about it. OP: The Masiel/Basquez family have a well known criminal element that is now four generations long.

Well pride comes before a fall and believe it or not I will feel bad for you when it
does come.

OP: Your continued support of this blog will help all of us who are in the moratorium or have been disenrolled. Please continue to read us, to share on Facebook and MySpace and to tell your friends.


The Truth said...

Other tribal elder depositions turned in were from:

Daniel Tortuga
Solida Stevens

All who knew the Pechanga history better than the current enrollment committee, because they were alive during the Eviction and establishment of the reservation.

Tina Cusey said...

The allottees were certified true Temecula Village Indians by two different Indian agents. Carrerre was the one who signed the Allottment List. It is ironic because the Hunter family was disenrolled because they said we were Pechanga Indian but we were not Temecula Indian. Our family is listed in the Padrones with Temecula origin farther back than any other family on the reservation. Other families' ancesters list other places as their place of origin, but Paulina's (the Hunter family) ancesters all list Temecula as place of origin.

Spirit of Pechanga said...

Mark Macarro is a shameful piece of trash chairman. He is the George Bush of Pechanga. A real Indian leader would not do things to destroy the tribe. It may not happen right away, but the actions the tribe has taken over the past 10 years will ruin the tribe (probably by getting the federal recognition of the tribe revoked). Then where will the greedy people be? The criminals will be in hiding, and the members that are left will be crying that they didn't know what was happening and we just want our tribe back (so we can get our per cap check). They will be seeking advice from the Manuela-Miranda family (namely John Gomez) and the Hunter family on how to get our tribe back. They will be wanting it done in a hurry because they are missing out on their monthly per cap check, and they can't survive without it. AND because we are real Indians, we will try to help get our federal recognition back (not for the money because we have learned to live without it) and try to repair the damage that has been done by Macarro and his fellow criminals.

'aamokat said...

"Other tribal elder depositions turned in were from:

Daniel Tortuga
Solida Stevens."

Actually the second person's name was Solida Stevenson and she, along with Daniel Tortuga, gave notarized testimony in the 1937 probate of three of Paulina Hunter's children: Matilda (Hunter) Whitten, Samuel Hunter, and George Hunter for their shares of the Hunter allotment.

Ironic that in Raymond Basquez's statement against the Hunters during our disenrollment proceedings he listed Solida Stevenson as one of the elders who alledgedly said that we the Hunters are not Pechanga.

That was a major part of the case against us, statements such as the one by Mr. Basquez without any collborating evidence, where he claims that people not alive anymore said we aren't Pechanga.

But if Solida Stevenson said we are not Pechanga, then why did she give notarized testimony in support of us the Hunters?

So the enrollment committee believed people like Raymond Basquez and not legal documents in our favor?

By the way, Mr. Basquez is the son of Francisca Leyvas and as another poster here has said, his family line has more holes in it then the Hunters and the other disenrolled family the Manuela Mirandas combined.

Gentle readers, who do believe him or us?

'aamokat said...

Wow, my spelling and typos are getting a little out of hand.

It should read collaborating, not collborating, whatever that is.

I just get to tying too fast when I have thoughts I want to put down and sometimes I miss some errors.

'aamokat said...

See what I mean, I meant typing not tying. Oops did it again.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the Garcia line is legit but I don't believe the Basquez /Masiel deal is real. Where is all their proof if one family has to prove it than all families should.Has anyone ever looked at their paperwork and actually confirmed the sources because they are such liars they could easily make it up some how.Those people have something to hide that's why they are so defensive all the time. The lies eat at your soul even if you try not to think about it.

HUNTER said...

We the Hunter's have all our legal documentation as was stated. What do these false Indians have???
Irehne and Ruth brought illegal action against the Hunter's and used her family along with some others to make false statments

Yolanda McCarter-Ruths and Irehne's niece
Priscilla Alvarez-Niece
Richard Scearce III Irene's Son
Raymond Basquez-brother to both
Ronald River-Nephew
Melissa De Costa-Great niece
Art masiel-Ruth's Son
Barbara Basquez-niece
and also..
Ed Burbee
M. Magee

ther are other signatures but they are not legable. These people represented thier families, and the enrollment committee hide their names.....Was it a tribal agenda or family????
Were they protecting themselves becuase they sre conterfeit Indians.

On another false Affidavit they
said Salida Stevenson did not recognize the Hunter's how little they know Harwood Stevenson was married to Pearl Hunter, pearl is mother to Lawrence Madariaga..the Stevenson's were family...I hope this opens your eye's to how corrupt these people are.

'aamokat said...

And my point all along, which was pointed out to both the enrollment committee and the tribal council prior to our disenrollment, that enrollment committee members Irene Scerce and Ruth Masiel as well as councilman Andy Masiel, who ruled on our appeal while on the tribal council, should have been made to step aside from ruling on our disenrollment case as the most of the people who signed a statement against our membership were their family members.

"Irehne and Ruth brought illegal action against the Hunter's and used her family along with some others to make false statments

Yolanda McCarter-Ruths and Irehne's niece
Priscilla Alvarez-Niece
Richard Scearce III Irene's Son
Raymond Basquez-brother to both
Ronald River-Nephew
Melissa De Costa-Great niece
Art masiel-Ruth's Son
Barbara Basquez-niece
and also..
Ed Burbee
M. Magee."

So Ruth and Irene could not have been counted on to render a fair and impartial verdict.

Once again, a gross violation of Article V of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, AKA the Pechanga Band's constitution and bylaws forbidding malice or prejudice against tribal members.

Our resident tribal hack likes to parrot the official tribal line that we were afforded due process but any idiot can see that wasn't the case.

But I guess he or she isn't just any idiot!

'aamokat said...

Also, Irene Scearce, Ruth Masiel, and Francis Miranda as well, while on the enrollment committee during the disenrollment proceedings against the Hunters, refused to sign a statement that they had seen and read the original notarized deposition from Antonio Ashman in which he said he remembered Paulina Hunter as a member of the (Pechanga) Band.

Hunter family members had taken the original document to the enrollment committee but didn't want to leave it with the committee but they left a copy instead because Ashman is no longer alive and there is only one original of the document.

Ruth M told the Hunter family members, "I don't need to see 'that' paper."

The other enrollment committee members had no problem with signing the statement saying they had read and seen the original Ashman deposition so it was submitted as evidence in the Hunters disenrollment case.

So this is more proof why Irene S, Ruth M, and Francis M as well, who reportedly told Hunter family members "it doesn't matter what you turn because you are getting disenrolled anyway," all should not have been allowed to rule on the Hunters disenrollment case.

There were six members on the enrollment committee during the Hunters disenrollment case and we lost by one vote so we were disenrolled.

The vote on the committee was Three to Two against us with the committee chairwoman, who only votes to break a tie, not voting.

It is not hard to figure out which three committee members were the votes against our membership.

So a key piece of evidence in our favor was ignored by a slim majority of a minimal quorum of the committee and I believe that every other piece of evidence in our favor was ignored by them as well as their minds were already made up against us before the proceedings even started.

In addition, councilman Andy Masiel, the son of Ruth Masiel, was at least ten minutes late to a Hunter family appeal hearing.

The appeal hearing was only thirty minutes long so why did he bother to show up at all and why didn't the tribal council wait for him to get there before starting the hearing?

But I guess his mind, like his mother's was already made up against us.

By the way, we also lost by only one vote on the tribal council during the appeal of our disenrollment.

So again tribal hack(s), how was due process followed during our disenrollment as it is clear it wasn't afforded us and if the proceedings had been fair, we would not have been disenrolled from our tribe.

Anonymous said...

So has anyone heard if there is more news about the CCP turning on the Basquez/Masiel family? If they really have turned on them, anyone who has information about how the Masiel's not being Pechanga should help the CCP or whoever is behind this. Personally, I wonder how the Basquez/Masiel family has ties to both Pechanga and Soboba. I think Tony Basquez, Ruth's brother is a member at Soboba. My point is the tribes rules state that tribal members can only be a part of one tribe, therefore if Ruth's parents were apart of Soboba then there is a break in the family ties and she can't be a Pechanga member.

OPechanga said...

Tony LIVES on Soboba, but is registered at Pechanga.

OPechanga said...

And it's JENNIE that's not on the 1979 roll. I think her dog ate the application was the excuse.

Hunter Woman said...

It took them almost 5+ years to disenroll us they thought they could find something to disprove our lineal decent when they found only more proof of who we are (Dr. Johnson's report), They finally decided to break Tribal Law and disenroll us. They were blatant about their intentions. Look at their criminal history outside and within the tribe, they are blatantly criminal. They know they cannot prove who they are and there are a few other families that can't either, We are working on evidence to plaster wherever necessary, Everyone will eventually know everyone's family lineage, you will see who is true and who is false.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Aurora Vasquez Arias. I want to say is that everything you said is true...