Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cherokee Chad Smith, Late Inductee into the Native American Hall of SHAME

There have been questions as to WHY Chad Smith is NOT included in our Native American Hall of Shame. Well, you asked and we've agreed. A late inductee into OPB's Native American HALL OF SHAME is: CHAD SMITH of the Cherokee Nation of Oklamhoma. Information provided by Mr. John Cornsilk.

CHAD SMITH Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

My concept of why Chad Smith should bee included in any Wall or Hall of shame, is his treatment of a class of Cherokee called the Freedmen based purely on racism because their personal features may depict African ancestry, i.e., black skin, nappy hair etc. The high Court of the supposed Nation he leads The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) ruled they are by fact of Treaty law descendants of Cherokee Citizens; Therefore absolutely no different than the rest of we Cherokee members of CNO.

His claim is they lack blood actually began the next day after the Court ruling which you can see here: simply because their ancestors were not listed with a blood degree as the Cherokee were, on the Dawes Rolls, the list of Cherokee Citizens compiled by the Dawes Commission in 1898, which is actually inconsequential to the fact of the matter simply because the listing of the blood degree of the Cherokee was not for Citizenship. Merely in regard to land restriction issues, the Delaware were listed on their section based on Treaty agreement of 1867, as Delaware-Cherokee, so was the Loyal Shawnee by their agreement of 1869 and listed as Cherokee-Shawnee, in addition to some Natchez and Creek Indians along with some Caucasian, yes there were White people listed as Cherokee, so how can Smith legally claim there were no Freedmen Cherokee, he is a Lawyer and knows better, and the shame is, truth of the matter is inconsequential to him!

John "The Elder" Cornsilk

OP: Mr. Smith DID SAY that the Cherokee slaves were well treated.

WHO is YOUR NOMINEE for Native American Hall of Shame and WHY?


Anonymous said...

How can the Cherokee Trust Chad Smith when his wife can not?
He admitted he had another set of children by another woman.

OPechanga said...

Maybe there's a prenup like Tiger has?

Maybe it's time for a leader like Stacy Leeds

David Cornsilk said...

There are a number of other reasons Chad Smith belongs on the Wall of Shame. His treatment of the Freedmen is nothing more than flagrant racism against Cherokee Indians of African descent. We must add to that his treatment of other Cherokee citizens, particularly those who live on tribal land and in the traditional Cherokee communities. With over $400 million in annual casino profits, not a single business has been started under Smith's adinistration that has survived. All have been miserable failures costing the Cherokee people million of unrecoverable dollars. Smith describes Cherokees who need services as "ATM Cherokees" and mocks their poverty, all the while his job is the biggest ATM withdrawl from the Cherokee treasury. And the Cherokee people get little in return, as even federal programs are so eaten up with corruption and cronies that little gets to the people at the bottom. Smith has established a number of shell companies, most of them in Texas where his brother lives, that have no employees and seem to do nothing but exist. Their records are closely guarded by the leaders of Cherokee Nation Enterprises to the point where even the councilors have no idea what's going on. Smith is currently serving a third term when the tribal constitution he operates under provides for term limits set at two terms. He has recently announced his intention to seek a fourth term. This is possible because the judges who decide these things were all appointed by him. Smith illegally manipulated the tribal voters list in order for his hand picked council members to get elected with having to pay for their own list, a violation of tribal law which subjects the candidate to forfeiture. That never happened. Smith and his cronies have gutted the tribe's nepotism laws, which have served our government well for nearly 15 years. Without these protections, Smith's brother and other relatives run rampant through the tribal complex, while councilor exchange their support for the tribe's business deals for lucrative contracts for their spouses or employment for their siblings and children. Chad Smith worked feverishly to take away the federal recognition of the Delaware Tribe and when it was apparent that they would get federal recognition, he worked with his secret weapon, the Delaware Chief, to forge a deal that puts the Delawares under the CNO thumb and prevents them from obtaining land in trust. He had already successfully done this to the Shawnee. And Smith has continued the practice of oppressing another Cherokee government that shares jurisdiction with the CNO, that being the United Keetoowah Band. The UKB represents the higher blood quantum Cherokees and Smith, like his predecessors, has successfully lobbied the BIA to block land in trust for the Keetoowahs, thus thwarting their economic development. He has caused them to lose thousands in housing money, thus keeping full bloods from getting much needed housing. Chad Smith's total lack of integrity and character was obvious to many of us upon meeting him for the first time over 20 years ago when he breezed into Cherokee Country from someplace far beyond our borders. But it became even more real when Smith himself revealed that he was having an affair with a former coworker and produced not one, not two, but three outside children. And then he had the nerve to say that Cherokee elders approved of his behavior. The list of reasons to not only place Chad Smith on a Wall of Shame, but to make him the king of that wall are many, perhaps too many to list here, for fear of not having enough room for the various other scoundrels who dot the leadership of Indian Country.

Angela Adams said...

I do agree that Smith is no good. He is a racist! The way that you speak though, takes away the credibility of your meaning. Most people are used to Johns crude way of communicating. But to say "nappy hair" That is considered a racist comment to all black people. I don't think that people really can hear John because they only hear someone who hates Chad soo much that he is belligerent. Freedmen rights are the ultimate goal but sometimes I think that people like that can do more harm than good when they take credibility away from the true cause because their motivation comes from a different place. A place that doesn't sit well with most people.

David is definitely more well spoken. I agree with him on many things but I do a have few opinions I would like to express. The UKB does have more higher bloods, percentage wise. But the CNO has 5 times more members that can qualify for UKB membership. But that should not matter. Having higher blood quantum does not make you higher or more Cherokee. (As I think David agrees) And it should not even come up. When you start separating race then it can become racism. Its that kinds of thinking that gets people like the Freedmen dis-enrolled.

I know Smith said that elders approved of his behavior. I don't really have much of a comment on that. I do know many elders that do not disapprove of multiple partners. That is something that comes from the older Cherokee generations when having multiple wives was not considered a bad thing. Several times in history the Cherokee female population, (because of war) has been twice that of the male population. I am not saying it is right, only that there are some older cherokees that do not disapprove.

And last I just want to say that Smith may have bad motivations for preventing the UKB or the Delaware from obtaining land into trust. That should be addressed. But it is his job to protect the sovereignty and land of the CNO. I would expect that out of any Chief. Besides, Wycliffe is an embarrassment to the UKB. But thats never talked about. And his stupid claim that somehow the UKB members are the only decedents of the Kituwahs, UKB members are all traditional (count the UKB license plates at any baptist church in the northeast Oklahoma)UKB members are real Cherokees (as if they are the only real Cherokees) UKB is the original Cherokee Nation (because they followed all the proper rules dictated by the great US Federal government and the other stay by the fort Indians). Again, taking away credibility.

For the record, I don't support Smith. I voted for Leeds, and voted to keep the freedmen. I just think that if you match Smiths misinformation with more misinformation it only takes away the credibility of the fight.
Thanks for letting me say my opinion.

Allen L. Lee said...

Thanks for the opinion Angela Adams.
I respect John and David as fighters who are out in the forefront with-out much to rely on as far as politically correct or politically reliable solutions for the issues they deal with. Sometimes forefront positions require you to not hold any punches.
That being said, I am truly delighted to read your comment and hope to hear from you again. It is refreshing to know that others are engaging this issue of dis-enrollment and considering what responsible actions they could take to ease the problem.
The Kituwah history is an interesting one for me. Your mentioned of "stay at the fort Indians" kind of rings a bell with Blood Quantum and dis-enrollment.
Blood quantum is a Euro-American race construct, and one the UKB, as well as other tribes use. The U.S. has taken no action to address the racism intrinsic in Blood Quantum politics and sits quietly by watching tribes diminish themselves anmd control their populations based on BQ, Snoqualmie being the most noticed on this board.
Dis-enrollment achieves the exact same effect as BQ removals, and I find it almost sinister that the U.S. has maintained the same level of silence (Diane Watson excepted) about dis-enrollments that it keeps with BQ removals.
CNO has a dilemna, Are they the authentic Cherokee Nation or not?
They argue that they are in federal court based on the 1866 Treaty and prevent the Delaware(Lenni Lenape) from a separate recognition. Then they deny that they are and assert that the CNO 1975 Constitution makes them a new and different government absolved from any Treaty agreements made by the Cherokee Nation with regards to Freedmen Descendants whose ancestors returned to the nation in the 6 month post-Civil War window.
Something has to be determined so that the succesors to the authentic Cherokee Nation, including, by-blood Cherokee, UKB, Shawnee, Delaware, and Freedmen Descendants can exercise their Treaty rights or rights to a separate sovereignty.

William T Guest said...

Allen L Lee,
While I do agree with most of what Angela said. I do not think that David was spreading misinformation. Only his point of view. I know Angela, and I know her intentions. Her intentions are not to blame David or John for anything. Although it did seem to come across that way. I am also getting to know David and I assure everyone that his intentions are only good and truthful.

I understand Angela's point of view. Crude behavior does take away from the seriousness of the issue.
I also agree that the Cherokee Nation should protect its land and sovereignty the same way the UKB should. But I also believe that middle ground can be found. I have not witnessed, anything other than claims, from the CN or the UKB that whats best for all Cherokees is first one their priority list. I have met both Chad and George and am not impressed with either of them.

I have always found it odd that there are two Cherokee governments with jurisdiction over the same land. The fact that this was thought of and then approved seems divisive. No one will solve these issues for the Cherokees. It is up to the Cherokees to find that common ground and solve them themselves.

I do believe that tribes have the sovereignty to choose or kick out their citizens. I also believe that a promise is a promise and should be kept.(per the treaty) I think that the higher truth is that Tribes have the sovereign responsibility to choose the right thing.

I would like to see more and different avenues taken to pursue citizenship for the Freedmen. Ultimately, I believe, the best solution is for the CN citizens to choose to take back the Freedmen. That would be better than being forced on a people that don't want you. But, in my experience, I think that most Cherokees would choose to keep the Freedmen if given the education and facts on the matter. As I have complemented David on before, "facts are facts and should not be ignored".

You asked Allen, CNO has a dilemma, Are they the authentic Cherokee Nation or not? I understand your point, sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. I do think they are just as I think the UKB, Eastern Band and all Cherokees are apart of the historic Cherokee Nation. If you are a group of Cherokees than you are apart of the Cherokee Nation. I think we should abandon the mentality that there is only one real Cherokee Nation. Only then can we put Cherokees first. Fighting over who really is and who should not be is counterproductive to the Cherokee cause. How can any government put all Cherokees first if it thinks it is the true or somehow better Cherokee Nation?

I agree that Blood Quantum is racist. Created and used to stand above us and divide us. The sooner this entire country leaves those small minded thoughts behind us the better for us all.

I like to see people expressing how they feel the way Angela did. I also love it when people like David can provide the necessary education to further our view of the truth.

Thank you for the time,
William T Guest

Allen L. Lee said...

"I think that the higher truth is that Tribes have the sovereign responsibility to choose the right thing. "
That was the "money" phrase. I could leave it there and be satisfied, but I would like to discuss a few things.
Majority rule with-out reason is
mob rule. The majority isn't empowered to deprive a smaller population or an individual of a basic right simply because they can masse force of numbers. The possession of rights belonging to the Freedmen Descendants was not something that other Cherokee voters could take possession of simply by voting, It was not theirs to take.
The dis-enrollments and banishments are punishments, such actions should be based on just cause, fraudulent attainment of citizenship, treason, or high crimes against the tribe, similar to the rules that Nation/States have.
The Kituwah's history of alliance with the Freedmen ancestors is one that I admire.
Chad Smith was banished from the UKB because he committed Treason against the UKB in preference of the CNO. Thanks William T. Guest for inviting us to comment on your blog about the treaty and thanks for your comments.
Allen L. Lee

Does the CNO's recent political history include solicitations for federal intervention? On Chad Smith's behalf?

1.,"“'Cherokee Nation Facing a Crisis Involving Its Tribal Constitution
Published: Sunday, July 6, 1997

...It's humiliating, it's embarrassing,'' said Chad Smith, a former public defender in Tulsa who is a leader of the opposition to Mr. Byrd. ''And it makes the Cherokee people sick to their souls.''

Tribal Justice Dwight Birdwell warns that Chief Byrd is on the verge of creating
...I'm calling on the President of the United States to intervene,'' Justice Birdwell said recently, ''and to reinstate the Constitution of the Cherokee Nation.''

Mr. Smith, who faces charges of inciting a riot and resisting arrest stemming from a bid to march on the courthouse with his followers last month, said: ''We have all the makings of a banana republic here.''"

2.,"By nightfall, about two dozen Cherokees, including former Principal Chief Wilma Mankiller, had filed a lawsuit in the Cherokee Nation's Court over the dubious council vote. On April 28, when Chad Smith, a Cherokee constitutional attorney and political opponent of Byrd's, explained the chief's legislative machinations to a fully reconvened Tribal Council, Byrd's armed security guards dragged him from the meeting. (Ironically, that scene prompted The Tulsa World to editorialize that "federal authorities obviously will have to intervene if the tribe is to be saved from its leaders.")

3.,“…The real trouble, however, began in February of 1997, when the Nation’s highest court authorized Cherokee marshals to search Byrd’s offices for evidence of illegal activity. In retaliation, Byrd and half of the council impeached all three justices, replaced the Nation’s marshal service with a private security force, and forcibly overtook the Nation’s courthouse. The crisis became a national affair when a melee erupted as the fired marshals and justices tried to retake the courthouse in August, 1997. With the threat of Congressional intervention hanging over them, the two sides reluctantly agreed to a settlement mediated by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt in the summer of 1997.”

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