Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pechanga's Culture of Corruption V: The Conspiracy to Control Elections

We know that the Manuela Miranda family was removed via termination prior to elections in 2005.
We know that the Paulina Hunter family was removed during the Pechanga Indian Removal Act of 2006.

Now, below is David Miranda's J'ACCUSE of Pechanga tribal council along with Victor Rocha and Ed Burbee conspiring to control elections.



Anonymous said...

Looks clear that David Miranda is being removed because Mark and Jenny and their Pals want him gone. The trumped up charges are just a ruse. Additionally Holland & Knight doesn’t want their former employee James Kawahara, who knows where the bones are buried, snooping around the scene of the crime.

The thugs that are running the tribe won’t be stopped short of having them frog marched to the slammer by the law. It is time for tribal members to rat out the creeps. The continued existence of both the Tribe and the Casino are in danger as long as they are roaming around free.

Anonymous said...

Did this David Miranda ever come to your support when you were kicked out of the tribe?...or does he just need your help now that he is being kicked to the curb?

Hunter said...

He doesn't need help from the disenrolled now, we have no votes.

His brother Anthony Miranda,brought out the petition to stop ALL disenrollments, which the tribe approved and the Masiel led tribal council overturned.

Might this be payback?

Anonymous said...

Too bad there isnt an investigation of it all...can you imagine the cheating this group is probably doing? there any accounting in the tribe of how much Macarro gets or the other henchmen?...this sure isnt what the citizens of California voted for when they thought it was to enrich the reservations...not a few select peoples pocketbook...time for a re-call vote...GAMBLING FOR ALL CITIZENS..not just TRIBAL!!!!

stand your ground said...

Liars, Crooks and Thieves oh my
...Pechanga, the story continues
and the Tribe will get smaller
and smaller....

Anonymous said...

There are investigators and auditors going over Pechanga's books and also some canaries singing in order to get a better deal.

Indictments can't come soon enough

Anonymous said...

There is no sovereign immunity for criminal acts. Don’t forget the CPP motto: “Do unto others before they can do unto you”.

Rat out a friend, cousin, brother, sister, mother (fill in the blank) to the FBI, IRS, FTB, Tribal Government Auditors, Casino Auditors, Bar Association, (fill in the blank). Don’t be the last to throw someone you love under the bus. Time off your own jail sentence and a reduction in your restitution obligation is only available to the first to act. Now do your duty, tribal members!

editor Stop Wintu Fraud said...

Lots of tribes are being ran by who can control the power. Only the elders were ever involved hisorically in the potiical functions of the tribe.

Pushy family comes in, strong arms elders, controls votes of less that 1000 voters. Puchy family contols future of tribe thru fear imposed control of members from threat of violence from criminalistic members controlled by puchy family.

This is true of the Redding Rancheria. The families names, Hayward (Pit River) and Murpy(Canadian Indian).

Careful next generation, none of these people married local indians, they are free to marry-out with lineal descent laws. None are connected to the local redding indian community whatsoever.

just do it said...

Well said, but then as usual, you
always bring your point across,
and like so many others,you have had many heartaches with your Tribe.
Keep fighting and stay well.

Anonymous said...

Why does give Pechanga so much space in their publication. There is even a link to Pechanga on the web page. Does Pechanga pay for all this attention, or does the publication that is supposed to be for all ndns, only rep. wealthy corrupt tribes. I would like to boycott until they give fair & balanced reporting.