Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro is Against Online Gaming for California

Mark Macarro, of Pechanga sends a letter to Tribal Leaders in CA about not supporting online gaming. Ask yourself WHY? Because he doesn't get a share of it?

Particularly laughable is the paragraph where he says:

we must take into account the opinions and concerns of the people of California, particularly in light of the commitments we have made about limited gaming.

Remember, readers, this is the same leader of the tribe that tried to keep the PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA from being able to VOTE on Props. 94-97! NOW, we are supposed to believe his CARES about our opinions?

This is the same man who led the tribal council to OVERTURN the will of the Pechanga People by declaring a lawful vote INVALID. A man who once said, "what we do internally is no business of the WHITE MAN." Now thinks it's his business? ASK YOURSELVES WHY?

Dear Tribal Leaders,

In recent weeks you have probably heard about competing legislative proposals that would authorize online poker in the state of California.

Pechanga has had a standing oppose position to online poker since proposals first surfaced last year out of concerns for the far-reaching legal, political, and policy consequences of an expansion of this magnitude.

Since the issue has resurfaced, we recently decided to conduct a statewide public opinion poll to determine how California voters feel about online poker. As we weigh these proposed policies that would significantly expand gaming, we must take into account the opinions and concerns of the people of California, particularly in light of the commitments we have made about limited gaming.

Attached you will find a memorandum summarizing the key findings of the survey. We hope these findings help inform your tribe’s position on the proposals.


Tribal Chairman
Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Mission Indians


Anonymous said...

WHAT THE FU**....this is the same person who stuffed thousands of machines into his casinos and only took some out when he was being taxed on them...when he couldnt add regular ones he put the bingo ones in to skirt the law...but now he is worried about California?>...what a phoney leader...of course he is only worried about loss of revenue...people hate being around all that smoke so maybe they will stay home and gamble out of his pocket..boohoo...there is a group starting up that is going to do the same thing as Colorado Indian Casinos and that is ban passed up there , so there is no reason why it wont here.

Nor Cal Blogger said...

Its time to find a real answer to all of these disenrollments. I am so sick of tribal councils in my own state abusing their own tribal members, This is BS!

I am pissed off and should I feel hopeless I would be prone to violent action to correct the vile acts upon our native brothers and sisters, but I do not. If I were hopeless against this corruption among us, and the civil rights violations by interior by refusing to protect native rights, even while stealing billions in gaming revenue from indians country while dozens of tribes in CA are landless and many non-recognised.

I am not hopeless however, none of us are. You know who you are. And I know who you are. The same criteria set fourth in CFR statutes on what constitutes a tribe. We recognise one another.

I do not belive that help is far away. I do not belive this will last forever, our rights being violated with no protections legally from these violations.

It is up to each and everyone one of us to empower ourselves, Pomo, Wintun, Yokut, Cahuilla, Louiseno, or Achomawi. Empower ourselves, you ask? How do we do that? Begin by changing your frame of mind. These rights are our own, and however percieved, they are real LAW. It will be thru law, and pressure from the oppressed on legilsature that relief finally comes for these minority of california indians having their rights violated by members claiming to operate a "tribe", but really are running corrupt leaglized mafias that are free to violate federal law. And freely terminate members.

Empowering ourselves as california indians to use paths legal and poltitcal to find answers and stop this scourge afflincted upon us. It will only come from within. Who will it be? My sister? Your couzin? And what will any one of you do in your life to stand up and make a change for the rights of another, the very rights being trampled underfoot that represent the freedom of the very United States we all call home.

With the same power in which I interpret my existance as a native american, the same power that I interpret my capabilities as a sovereign California Indian, the same power I invoke my personal empowerment to not be mislead, to not stand by idle while the rights and needs of my fellow california indians go unaswered by our own tribal governance systems and the non-indian poltiitcal system by which we are all bound.

Empower yourself.

'aamokat said...

Thank you enrolled Wintu member for your support and your words of encouragement.

On another note, so Mark Macarro is against on line gaming because of the expansion in gaming even after the Pechanga tribe got the OK to have one of the biggest expansions in the history of the United States with their amended compact in 2008?

And if it wasn't for the slow economy, they would be expanding now as we speak.

Typical Macarro, do as I say not as I do.


Nor Cal Blogger said...

Bring Civil Rights to California Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allen L. Lee said...

To Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member,
Thanks for the courage to recognize and speak out against both a Civil and Human Rights wrong.
I've been wondering where and to whom I would address the point I am about to make, and I think a response to your statement is the most appropriate.
You may be familiar with the Cherokee Freedmen dis-enrollment dispute with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. A series of events, almost all of them based on recent legal issues spawned by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma itself, has resulted in a finding by now BIA asst secretary Echohawk that historic tribes have off shoots known as "successors in interest"
These off-shoots for all intent and purpose are not the original tribe but retain all the legal rights and recognition of the original tribe. The Cherokee Freedmen Descendants, the Cherokee Delaware, and the United Keetowah Band of Cherokees, all who have had a tumultuos legal relationship with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, now stand the possibility
of being recognized as "successors in interest" of the original Cherokee Nation.
Why do I mention this? If this position by Echohawk proves sound, I see no reason why every dis-enrolled tribal member throughout the U.S. would not be able to petition the BIA as a succesor in interest to their original tribe.
The important thing here is that dis-enrolled members have concrete proof that they were tribal members up until recent times, I can't think of a better evidence of "successor in interest" than that.
Theoretically, groups of dis-enrolled tribal members could form off-shoot bands and gain full federal recognition independent of the Tribe or Band that dis-enrolled them.
This may not be a preference for California Tribes, but I mention it because I have an interest in a fair outcome for the Cherokee Freedmen Descendants as well as a fair outcome for the California dis-enrolled. I can say it will become a major factor in the Cherokee case and may have some benefit for California dis-enrollees. That's why I mention it.
The dis-enrolling tribes can not beprive you of your rights to sovereignty if you are truly a successor in interest

Anonymous said...

Where did he do this so called opinion poll?? his Casino?...well since Mark Macarro is so worried about Californians gambling about he shuts down his huge energy and water wasting Casino?...and how does he water that huge new golf course with the water shortage and evrything in California?..seems like if he had left it natural like he promised...California would have saved much water..and why are those fountains still running out front? the tribe exempt from the water shortage as well?>.just asking..

Anonymous said...
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cideways said...

Thank you Enrolled Wintu, more real Indians need to care about their civil rights. It will only be a matter of time before we lose ALL civil rights, when we stop caring about what is happening around us. What may not affect you now can hurt you.