Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pechanga Tribal Council: Culture of Corruption

We will have a series of posts concerning the culture of corruption at the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. We have written about Pechanga tribal chairman Mark Macarro HERE HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

There are many players in this unfolding drama including in the tribal council:

Andrew Masiel - HERE Here Here We wrote about the Masiel Crime Family here His elderly mother was on the enrollment committee.

Butch Murphy - He is NOT on the 1979 tribal enrollment. He was Adopted into the tribe, no Pechanga blood, tried to split the tribe,

Jennie Miranda - Former tribal chair and commercial star and mother of Larry Miranda also a member of the Masiel Family.

David Miranda - No relation to Jennie, duly elected to the Pechanga Development Corp. and bro to ANTHONY MIRANDA, chairman of CNIGA.

Ed Burbee - Pechanga gadfly,
Victor Rocha - Cousin to Macarro, eloquent writer censor of bad news about Pechanga

Please take a look at the links to familiarize yourselves with the players involved


'aamokat said...

In particular, readers go to the first link about Mark Macarro and see how I, along with others, shot down a tribal member's very flawed arguments as to why he or she considers our disnenrollment lawful and the right thing to do.

OPechanga said...

All the links have important background information.

Anonymous said...

nice piece cousins.

OPechanga said...

Please share on your Facebook and MySpace pages.

Use the social networking sites to OUR advantage

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Pechanga employees have some stories to tell about Larry Miranda stealing from their tips...

Anonymous said...

Does tribal sovereignty trump our Bill of Rights? Why are tribes allowed to get away with these acts?

Their customers should know what kind of businesspeople Pechanga has.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the employees have signed some kinda non disclosure agreement. And even though they had there tips stolen by Larry Miranda (I guess $30,000 + a month wasn't enough for him). They can't speak about it for fear of breaking there non disclosure agreement.

Anonymous said...

We at Pechanga are soo amused by these dumb posts. You stupid wanabees go away already,Hunter white folkes.We are laughing at u and your stupid attempts to mess with the CPP. GO AWAY FOOLS! If u had one good leg to stand on it would be a joke. Break Away hunters REALLY! WEEK WEEK WEEK FAMILY!!!!!!! Rick ryms w ?

Anonymous said...

What week is my family, this week or next week?

We don't know what you are trying to say so why don't you learn how to write at least as good as a third grader writes.

What are folkes?

I have never heard of that word.

Go get an education so you can stop looking like such an idiot.

Of course if you were educated, than you would be an educated fool instead of the uneducated fool you are now.

stand your ground said...

Dear Anonymus who writes that Hunters are WEEK
{correct spelling WEAK}
it is you that is weak...
surely you can afford schooling with all that money that you get every month, stop buying drugs and getting high and stop saying stupid things,get an
education...someday the money will run out
then what will you do?
Assistance from US TAXPAYERS..
Hunters are white? Have you taken a good look at Paulina Hunter or
are you blind as well as ignorant?
By the way are you Indian or are you a relative of the white man
Butch Murphy???
Hunters are not weak, don't let it fool you, you aint seen nothin yet.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Well this Anonymous poster is none other than a single person fighting his own fight. We have tried several times to include him with the the groups fight, but he continues to seperate himself from the whole. Until he comes to that understanding, he will be standing alone. This shows his true greedy self, and the apple does not fall far from the tree. He is alot like his sisters.

Good luck PONY!

just do it said...

{Hunter's are week, i am amused]

stay away from the Meth Dear
a good book can amuse, try it.
Keep posting though, give us an update on your continuing education.
We all would like to be amused.

'aamokat said...

I don't think this is Pony as he has been upfront when he has been critical about us and we can take a little heat now and then.

My guess is that this is a tribal member, likely a Basquez/Masiel, who is being arogant.

'aamokat said...

Sorry the spelling of the word is arrogant, not "arognat," don't want to appear uneducated myself but sometimes my typing isn't so great.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Sorry cousin, I have to disagree w/ you on this.

White Buffalo said...

OP I apologies if I disrespect your web-site with this post

To the sensitive of eye, mind, and spirit, the end of this message is meant to insult the believers of the new Pechanga way. It is my hope they take it personally

Hell-0 to the righter or is that writer of the week or is that to the weak. Oops I forgot we are dealing with a edgemicated tribal an member who is upset with us for speaking the truth, and making uncomfortable feelings like GUILT and HATE surface. Unfortunately the only emotion that will give soloist, for the highly edgumacated that means comfort, is anger and rage. It is the only reasonable, justifiable rational left that a twisted, uncaring, corrupt soul has left to feel when it comes to believing the crap that is posted in defense of Pechanga's reasoning. The truth is the truth and your words "Anonymous" are the proof that your words reflect that of the tribe. I am not weak you know my name and who I am. Read between the lines shit mouth I am calling you out punk. Don't send your thugs again come in person.

Guero Nunez aka White Buffalo.

'aamokat said...

OK, if this anonymous poster who maintains we are weak really is Pony when he was not at his best in the wee hours of the night then point taken if he feels we let him down by not showing up for his court case.

But the bottom line is that tribes all of the time try to claim adopted blood children and bring them into their tribes.

Well Pony is blood of the tribe who was an adult when he found out his biological father was Pechanga and he tried to join his people but was turned away because of the moratorium on adult members.

But the moratorium, as we have stated many times before, should have been ruled uncontitutional as the Band's constitution clearly says that open enrollment is every January.

The tribe should do the right thing and bring their son home but they seem, when it comes to doing the right thing, to never do so and they side with keeping people out of the tribe.

This can be seen by the recent tribal vote where reportedly the membership voted to instruct the enrollment committee to not process applications for adults that had been submitted before the deadline for the moratorium but who still are not enrolled.

As far as the CPP's position on adoptions, it appears it is fine for people who are not blood of the tribe to be members but their position on people who have the blood of the tribe has been that they should take the descent of their adopted non-Pechanga famlies and be kept out of the tribe.

By the way, we Hunters were against this and we have always supported the blood of the tribe to be members.

So Pony if you think the CPP's positions have any credibility, then consider they have tried to keep you out of the tribe in more ways than the fact that you are stuck in the moratorium.

Anonymous said...

For years I've notitced 'anoynomous' (brother of GW)ALWAYS forgets all the bad words he's had for the CPP when $$$ seem to maybe finally within his grasp. He cares nothing for heritage. It's all money for him. If it wasn't he'd show respect for the REAL Pechanga Indian.

Creeper said...

It was NOT Pony that wrote that literary piece about the Hunter's being "week"...{I questioned him}
AND WHO SHOULD HE RESPECT IN THIS TRIBE? Those who never acknowledged him and those who still are against him?..
He does not hate as a whole, he is disillusioned with that frigging corrupt Tribe...and why should'nt
he get his share of money, he deserves it just as well as all of you who have been disenrolled, he is caught up in the moratorium and banished from going to his fathers grave.
And finally, at least he is doing something to piss this tribe off and making them spend money, what the hell is wrong with that?
What are YOU all doing???? Only a handfull of you show up for meetings, protest's and demostrations when there should be hundreds attending.
I see the same people over and over, where are the others?
So, what Pony{Joe}is doing is RIGHT ON in my book.

stand your ground said...

YEP, I agree...I see what you see

PHunter said...

The Pechanga Tribal Council is drunk with power and lost its way.

You promised that you would help the people, yet you have harmed so many and placed more burden on our elders.

just do it said...

by the corrupt Tribal Council and
the even more corrupt
Chairman Mark Macarro.

Anonymous said...

ED Burbee must love seeing his name on the internet, though it probably keeps him from what he really likes to look at on the internet.