Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing Temecula Girls Buzzelli and Bailey Are Found and Safe

From the Facebook Site:

Dear Group Members,

Thank you so much for your support. The missing girls have been found and this is confirmed directly from the parents. They are safe, unharmed and back at home with their families. I have no further details at this time.
I have no doubt that your support has played a pivotal role in their homecoming. Our hopes have come true. Miracles do happen...

Again, many thanks!

More to the story:

Investigators had yet to interview the girls early Thursday evening but sheriff's officials said they do not appear to have been held against their will and had left of their own accord. Capt. Andre O'Harra of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said investigators tracked the girls from the Temecula area to Manhattan Beach to San Bernardino.
The girls' family, friends and other volunteers have been canvassing the area all week posting fliers, sending e-mail blitzes and holding vigils for their safe return.
"We're very, very, very happy," Lexi's father, Mike Bailey, said early Thursday evening.

OP: The families owe the public an explanation of the girls actions and whereabouts. The Temecula valley was MOBILIZED to support YOU.


'aamokat said...

Thank God they are safe and that our prayers have been answered!

We always seem to fear the worse in these situations, that some maniac got a hold of them, so it is great that this wasn't the case.

I hope the girls have learned a lesson in all of this, that their actions don't just effect themselves but their famlies and the general public as well.

Anonymous said...

Many police resources were used on this case, and newpaper space.

While I'm glad they are safe, they need to learn what problems and heartache they have caused.

Anonymous said...

Those two girls should be ashamed of their total disrespect and disregard for their parents and friends who care for them. It just shows how some teens have no self respect. They do not seem to value themselves when they act in such stupid and ridiculous behaviours -- running off thinking they won't be missed!?! They should apologize to the whole community for the ill effects they have caused in many concerned parents!

Anonymous said...

I have a 14 year-old daughter and my heart jumped when I heard about the missing girls. This is a parent's worst nightmare. These girls need to explain themselves and apologize to everyone involved. In fact, they should be required to do community service. I really hope they learn a lesson. The next time they cry wolf may be the real deal.