Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pechanga's Culture of Corruption III: Rumors, Innuendo, Lies and Damn Lies from the CPP

The CPP (Concerned Pechanga People) are a group of adopted people and blood tribal members whose origins are from a faction that tried to break up the tribe and who did NOT support the Pechanga Constitution . We dicussed those issues HERE HERE and HERE.... It's partially made up of thieves from the Masiel Basquez Crime Family.

One of the outspoken members of the group is Ed Burbee. He's so outspoken that the tribe had to institute a 5 minute rule. He's been overheard saying that "he didn't care how they had to do it, but he wanted more money".

In the continuing breakdown of David Miranda's letter, David says:

As many of you know, Ed Burbee and Victor Rocha circulated an email about me that sided with the non-member's false legal claims agains me, even though this same non-member was trying to get more money from our Tribe than he deserved. This email was timed to cause confusion to the Tribal Council at the time of the PGC election and to cause them to make politically motivate decisions. The email between and Ed and Victor reads "My questions I may email to [the Tribal Attorney John Macarro], but I hesitate to do so now, and prefer to wait for the bombshell effect. Then, no doubt a degree of confusion will descend and political moves will commence." It was expected that the timing of the emal would cause donfusion among our elected leaders on the Tribal Council and cause them to make political moves to save their own jobs.

To add further credence to CPP's politically timed moves click this LINK.

Remember readers, the CPP led disenrollments of the Manuela Miranda Family was time to happen PRIOR TO Pechanga elections in order to remove a LARGE VOTING BLOC. Similarly, the Hunter family disenrollment happened prior to the NEXT election.

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Anonymous said...

So Victor the "Roach" and Mr. Potato Head are conspiring together on this one.

Well birds of a feather flock together I suppose.

We just didn't overhear that the Grand Potato wanted more money.

He flat out told My brother, my uncle, and me that he was going to get more money no matter what it took.

I guess he was scouting out allies in his quest to stab fellow Pechanga people in the back but he figured we Hunters were too honest so he didn't include us in his schemes.

Instead he set his sights on us and sided with the greedy CPP to get what he wanted.

White Buffalo said...

Mashed Potato

It is true that this man and little Vic. are in the mud together, I remember overhearing the potato at a meeting before our disenrollment ask someone, I don’t remember the person's name but the potato wanted to know how much the per-capeta would go up if a hundred and thirty people were kicked out. At that time, I was naive to the true nature of their scheme to disenroll us. No one is truly safe when corruption and greed are the driving force of Pechanga law. Nothing good will ever come out or from a people who have turned their backs on tradition and family. If you see this Jenny M., you will go to the grave knowing that you turned you back on tradition, family, and God with your evil ways. Is money and power worth the price of your soul?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rocha manhandle his cousin Arlene in a threatening manner?

wiaasal said...

Arlene reported that Rocha threatend to snap her neck! I wonder what is so important for him to use this tactic? Another piece of work!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, who to believe, a woman who felt she was cheated by her own cousins, Mark and John Macarro and Victor Rocha, or the Macarros, who've lied to congress and the people and Victor, whom we read about here?

Even if Arlene is a little excitable, the bad actors have proven themselves

'aamokat said...

But you left out what Victor Rocha told a woman from another tribe who expressed an opinion that the disenrollment of hundreds of long time tribal members in good standing was wrong and not the indian way.

Well Victor's response to her was: "Go F*ck Yourself and F*ck off and Die!"

The Macarros and Rocha are quite a bunch aren't they?

Rocha in particular, if it true he threatned Arlene Macarro, further shows that he likes to pick on women so what kind of man does that make him?

Answer, not much of one!