Monday, August 31, 2009

California Indian Gaming NOT the Savior Many Thought?

Our friends at STOP WINTU FRAUD break it down for us.

Here's a bit of it, but see the rest of it at the link above, as well as the other stories on their blog:

Is California Indian Gaming really the answer to all the social and economic problems faced today by California Indians? May current civil rights violators, (OP: Pechanga, Enterprise, Redding, Picayune, San Pasqual, Robinson Rancheria among them) thru illegal tribal dis-enfranchisement, include tribes that have established gaming operations.

Opposed to popular opinion and adopted law, the majority of California Indians are not actually benefitting from gaming, despite state law mandating that non-gaming California Tribes recieve revenue sharing from the tribes bennefitting from gaming. Unfortunately this has not occoured as it was supposed-to under the proposed law. (OP: SEE THIS LINK)

Why isn't gaming revenue in the State of California being used as it was intended to assist disadvantaged tribes accross the state? Why have tribes that recieve the right to game thru tribal compact with the state, begun to violate the rights of their own members by disenrollment? Why are these tribes that violate civil rights allowed to continue to operate gaming establishments after trimming their membership rolls?

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