Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Letter To CA ASSEMBLY on Democratic Party's Native American Caucus' LACK of support of Civil Rights Act

Here is a letter that should be sent to California Assembly Member Jeff Miller in response the the Democratic Party's Native American Caucus lack of support for CIVIL RIGHTS.

Here are the addresses for the CA Judiciary Committee:

Mike Feuer - Chair Dem-42 . Assemblymember.Feuer@assembly.ca.gov
Van Tran - Vice Chair Rep-68 . Assemblymember.tran@assembly.ca.gov
Julia Brownley Dem-41 . Assemblymember.Brownley@assembly.ca.gov
Noreen Evans Dem-7 . Assemblymember.Evans@assembly.ca.gov
Dave Jones Dem-9 . Assemblymember.jones@assembly.ca.gov
Steve Knight Rep-36 . Assemblymember.Knight@assembly.ca.gov
Paul Krekorian Dem-43 . Assemblymember.Krekorian@assembly.ca.gov
Ted W. Lieu Dem-53 . Assemblymember.Lieu@assembly.ca.gov
William W. Monning Dem-27 . Assemblymember.Monning@assembly.ca.gov
Jim Nielsen Rep-2 . Assemblymember.Nielsen@assembly.ca.gov

Letter to CA Assembly Member Miller


Anonymous said...

Dear Assembly members of California.

Are you FOR civil rights and support of the Indian Civil Rights act, or are you NOT FOR IT?

A simple choice to keep it in for the good of ALL Indians, not just those that spend a lot of money to campaign war chests.

creeper said...

If Sacramentos Politicians would be in support of the Indian Civil Rights Act, they would all be broke real soon, no more BRIBE MONEY for political whores?
When hell freezes over.