Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Riverside County District Attorney ROD PACHECO has made NO DECISION on Pechanga Beating UPDATE

UPDATE: The DA's office has STILL made No Decision on charges against the Pechanga security guard. The Swan's have been told that it could take THREE YEARS to file charges. Swift, sure justice apparently doesn't happen in Riverside. There are NO trespassing charges agains the Swans.

After ONE MONTH Riverside County's D.A. Rod Pacheco has made no decision on charges in the case of brutality against Pechanga Casino customer Richard Swan. The October 20th incident, which we reported here and KNBC also reported, seems a pretty simple case. The security guard has ALREADY BEEN fired by Pechanga, Mr. Swan's injuries amply displayed and Pechanga is going to settle the case.

What is Mr. Pacheco waiting for? Is he plea bargaining? Is he waiting for Pechanga to file charges against the Swan's? (There is NO record of charges at the sheriff's department)

How will the Swan's receive JUSTICE against the brutality of Pechanga's guards? Just as importantly, the Riverside Press Enterprise is now passing 31 days of silence on this news, yet is quick to put bad news of SOBOBA in print. Just what is news in the PE's opinion?


Anonymous said...

Is Pacheco a spanish word for PUSSY?

Anonymous said...

Here in Palm Springs the local paper and radio stations NEVER say anything negative about the Aqua Caliente Tribe either. Once I called a radio show when the tribe's chairman was on discussing their soveriegnty based stance for refusing to disclose Political Campaign donations. The State Supreme Court had just found they violated Campaign Disclosure laws and had to disclose contributions. I related how Indian tribes are sometime unjustified in using the 'Soverignty' excuse sometimes and they told me I was like the people who gave the Indians smallpox blankets. LOL

Anonymous said...

Typical strawman argument. Trying to change the subject.

And of course, nobody gave the Agua Caliente smallpox blankets either.

Anonymous said...

Heres a little insight, the man that is trying to disenrolle 60 San Pasqual indians isnt even San Pasqual himself. And he has been getting kickbacks all these years just like Miranda

“All that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere . . . Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

Pacheco is trying to balance his contributions vs. what is right. And if Pechanga settles, there's no REAL reason to put a violent offender in jail is there?

Hey, Swan gets his glasses paid for and Pechanga gets no bad publicity. That's a good bargain right Mr. DA Pacheco? After all, THIS TIME, someone didn't die.

Anonymous said...

Original Pechanga asks whether the Swan's will receive JUSTICE?

Justice involves the moral rightness of things based on law, ethics and fairness.

Has Pechanga shown they do these things? They have defied their OWN law, shown NO ethics whatsoever and certainly have not shown fairness.

What makes you think the Swans will get justice?

just do it said...

The Swan incident will be swept under the rug, after enough time passes.
The Riverside County D.A. and the
Pechanga Conspiracy Cohorts [PCC]
will conveniently ignore this criminal incident.
Pay a few bills for Mr.Swan and
all is set right in their world.
THEY DON'T HAVE TO {No morality}