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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At TASIN Meeting Last Week, Pechanga Tribe ATTACKS the Sovereignty of the Ramona Tribe

Proving that not all is good in California's Indian Country:

At last weeks meeting of TASIN, The Pechanga Band, vocalized by Tribal Councilmember Mark Calac,(NOT the brightest bulb in the family) attacked the sovereignty of the Ramona Band, also a TASIN member. Pechanga has a history of attacking the sovereign nations, as they did with Quechan in years past.

TASIN is the Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations, ironic on so many levels.

This story is developing


Anonymous said...

so how did they attack Ramona?

Anonymous said...

Will they be going to war?

OPechanga said...

I'm working on getting more details, but while Pechanga talks about how their sovereignty is sacred, they sure don't thinkg OTHER tribe's sovereignty is sacred.

Anonymous said...

Does the Ramona band have a Casino?
Why does Pechanga think that they are so much more special than other
tribes?...they are going to come tumbling down harder and faster than all the other tribes combined...just wait...better start saving those per capita checks Pechanga.!!

OPechanga said...

The Ramona Band does NOT have a casino, and their reservations is ENTIRELY OFF the Grid for power, using wind and solar as their primary source of power.

Pechanga is used to bullying people and it gets easier with the more success they have with it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wonder where Pechanga's youth get their thuggish behavior from?

Anonymous said...

What's the word on this? What did Pechanga do?