Monday, November 17, 2008

Brush with Pechanga Security Leaves Senior Patron Nearly Dead! NEW UPDATE Pechanga WILL PAY

UPDATE III: Looks like Pechanga will pay for part of Richard Swan's medical coverage. Pechanga has fired ONE of the security guards involved. Pechanga is saying that the Swans escalated a "minor incident" which is total b.s. And the Riverside District Attorney is still "reviewing the case" of battery against the FIRED Pechanga security guard. I think the guard should come forward to Mary Parks of KNBC and tell the story of Pechanga's actions and how they treat their customers. It may help sway the DA from pressing charges or at least plea bargaining them out.

UPDATE II: MARY PARKS of KNBC has done a story on the Swans! Please leave a comment there.

UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! The Swan Family contacted me and let me know that they will be interviewed by the news tomorrow. That will be the first, hopefully of many. WHERE is the Press Enterprise?

An elderly Palm Desert man, with a pacemaker, who was patronizing the Pechanga Casino was beaten by Pechanga security and his wife terrorized. This is NOT the first incident of this type at Pechanga, according to what the RCSD told the Swan's. The Riverside Sheriff's Department has take a report on the incident.

Seniors should rethink visiting Pechanga. You have LESS rights at a tribal casino and the sheriff's may not be able to protect you. One of our family was attacked by a former tribal council member and he ran like a 'punk-assed bitch' to the Government Center so the Sheriff's couldn't touch him.

Is Pechanga safe? The stories of thug like behavior and the recent car-jacking by a Pechanga crime family member AT THE CASINO should point to a NO response.

Here is the description of the incident and a picture:

On October 20th, 2008, I nearly lost my life. While in the Pechanga Casino Resort in Temecula, my wife and I had a disagreement with Security personnel over forty-four dollars left in a machine by a patron, who was harassing her. My wife was scared, so I got upset.

Security told my wife she could stay but I had to leave. We told them we'd both leave and started walking toward the hotel to get our luggage.
Suddenly without warning I was jumped from behind by two security men and violently thrown to the ground. I kept telling them to stop, that I was a 70 year old man with a pacemaker and took a blood thinning prescription Coumadin. But they didn't care.

They slammed my head into the marble floor and dragged me to their security room. I feared for my life knowing that the Coumadin I am taking could cause severe bleeding. If I bled internally or developed a clot in my head I'd be dead. By the grace of God I survived.

I had trouble breathing so the casino medical team gave me oxygen. Seeing my condition they rushed me in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. I have low blood pressure but it stood at 183 over 100. The Sheriff came to the hospital and took our report.
My wife spoke to Capt. Carmichael at Pechanga and he told her that normal procedure was to escort someone who is told to leave out the nearest entrance or ask if they were hotel guests and then escort them to their room to get their luggage.
None of this was communicated to us.
We intend to file Assault and Battery charges. According to the police and local attorneys, this kind of brutality goes on all the time in certain reservation land casinos.
Isn't anybody going to do something about it? One day, those Security men, who have their own rules, will kill someone.

Teetilawuncha's Blog has a story about YOUR RIGHTS in Indian Country.


Temeculan said...

Looks like Captain Carmichael is derelict in his duty in training his people.

UNLESS, slamming an old man to the ground IS part of the training?

Anonymous said...



Be JOURNALISTS for pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that you can't sue the "tribe"..they are immune to lawsuits ...and its almost impossible to get the local police to help at all....(after all..the tribe makes sure they donate to police and fire departments...they wouldn't want to lose their donations), but also because they really have no rights on "Indain land"...I don't think that this is what the Government meant to do by giving Indians sovereign nation status.

Anonymous said...

I worked for ten years in the private security industry and what people don't realize, is that casino and night club security, considered in house security, have no training requirment or state licensing.

It is up to the organization to provide the training but it isn't a requirment that they do so.

Contract security on the other hand has a 40 hour minimum requirment of training for state licensing and while the mandated training isn't all that great, at least it is more than what is required for casino security, which is none.

So we have two recent flagrant examples of casino or night club security abuses.

One where Pechanga councilman Gabriel Pico died, reportedly as a result of a chokehold applied by night club security and this incident where reportedly Pechanga security personnel didn't follow procedures and not only did the casino security use excessive force but it appears they didn't need to use any force to resolve the situation.

Another thing the publc doesn't realize is that this man cannot sue the security officer's employer as their employer is a federally recognized Indian tribe.

But lets hope that Pechanga does right by this man and his family after all, they would expect nothing less in the case of their own councilman Mr. Pico in regards to what happened in Denver a couple of months ago.

Oh by the way, the man who assaulted a Hunter family member in 2004 was a sitting Pechanga tribal councilman at the time of the assault and he, William "Wolf" Tinsley, didn't run for re-election after the incident but Mr. Tinsley did in effect get away with it by running to the Rez as, I believe, no criminal charges were ever filed.

'aamokat said...

I wonder if Pechanga will have to give up their security camera footage to outside investigators as I am sure the incident was caught on tape or is the tribe going to just hollar sovereignty like they do for everything else?

I do hope that Pechanga does cooperate fully with the criminal investigation because it appears criminal charges against the security personnel are warrated.

And as another poster said, I also hope they do right by this man as they would expect nothing less for their own tribal councilman Gabriel Pico who died in a Denver, Co altercation with nightclub security.

Anonymous said...

If the security guards are NOT tribal members, can they be sued individually?

Will the Pechanga Tribe defend the actions of senior beaters?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should forward this to Johnny Mathis and let him know what they do to people his own age!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely appalling!
Pechanga has become not only destructive to its own people, but now we see it spilling out onto our land and our neighbors.
It has to be STOPPED!
Where is our recourse for justice!

Anonymous said...

I was 86'ed after i was escorted out of Pechanga for defending myself. the sheriff said to go home after the incident. two days later, i was called to give a statement. the person of interest was a Pechanga tribal member. I called several times after and was told to forget it, the investigation was complete. What Justice?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, PLEASE write to Mary Parks at KNBC and tell your story.

Anonymous said...

Why don't people get it??....YOU AREN"T IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY WHEN YOU ARE ON TRIBAL LAND!!!...they don't have to follow the same rules...they can make up their really have no recourse..look what they do to their own fellow members..they don't even honor their own..why should they care about you??..they just want your dollars period...nothing else matters to them at this point...they build golf courses over something that they swore were sacred grounds..yet they still want to be treate like they have honor.
GO TO VEGAS...even the Mafia has more honor and takes care of their own.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Riverside sheriff has a comment on this incident.

WHAT has been done?

Who has been interviewed?

Will Pechanga give up the video?;

Has Pechanga contacted the Swans?

Shall we tell all seniors to stay away.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... on November 4, 2008 10:06 PM

I hope the Riverside sheriff has a comment on this incident.

He won't

WHAT has been done?

Nothing will be done... they are sovereign

Who has been interviewed?

No one will be interviewed

Will Pechanga give up the video?;


Has Pechanga contacted the Swans?

I doubt it, why should they?

Shall we tell all seniors to stay away.

I guess you could... do you really think they will listen, I doubt it.

Sorry if I sound bitter, just telling it like it is. We live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

How unfortunate for this elderly couple. Usually, you would hear about incidents at Pechanga on weekends when they had their clubs Silk and the Eagle's Nest and usually related to alcohol.

To abate these incidents, the casino hired the assistance of about four to five "professionals" from the Sheriff's Department to assist them. Guess now they need to reassess security measures to control seniors on a quiet Monday.

While it is true that you cannot sue this "foreign country", the Swans can sue the individuals. I thought Pechanga hired an outside security service anyway. I guess Pechanga needs to reassess their security measures if they still want to be a destination venue.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if their four star, or is it five star rating will go down with incidents like this?

"Luck be a Lady tonight"; Pechanga the place to be.

Sounds like it should be, Pechanga the place to stay away from!

Anonymous said...

People can contact the Automobile Club of Southern California to express their dismay has what happened.

I believe it is their travel department, or member services.

Mrs. Swan, I suggest you do the same.

Anonymous said...

Nov. 4, 2008 10:01 p.m., Anonymous writer, you say, “tribal land is not in our own country… they don’t have to follow the same rules”. Are you saying tribal land is sovereign and laws of the American people do not apply to the reservation? Can rape, assault, and murder be committed and no one has due process?
That’s what can be seen happening. Does our country know we are supporting a form of terrorism each time we walk on the tribal land? How does our government fight against other countries that have terrorist who rule and give our young lives in pursuit of other countries’ freedom, but ignore our own injustice? It appears the government silently takes the money and turns their head while a tribe of people kick, assault, and rob American people; all in the name of “sovereignty”! Take it away! If that is the deciding factor that keeps justice from our people, take it away!

Phil Cuevas said...

The reservation is sovereign as a State is sovereign to the Federal government. It is NOT sovereign as another country is like Mexico, Iran, England an so on.

Anonymous said...

My good folks, let me be direct and frank with each and everyone of you. When you enter a native american tribal casino. You enter at your own risk!! You are at the mercy of the tribe whether your right or wrong. You have no rights!! The tribe is immune from lawsuits. They will turn there back on family, friends, employees and yes you as a guest that suppots there wealth. However, their are ways to break this barrier which I will tell you about in my next blog.

Anonymous said...

Breaking the barriers for all citizens is what is needed.

Pechanga can't handle sovereignty, they should lose their right to run a casino.

Anonymous said...

This is a cowardly act by the Pechanga Security team.

They easily could have lifted Mr. Swan off his feet and carried him to the door.

They must have LIKED delivering punishment and certainly KNEW they would be able to get away with it.

THAT MUST BE PART of their training.

AVOID PECHANGA! For you own safety

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Mark Macarro hasn't issued a statement.

Of course, he doesn't care much about civil rights violations now does he?

His incredible shrinking tribe has now civil rights left.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga going to sweep this under the rug and claim their status as a sovereign nation means they don't have to cooperate with an outside investigation of the beating of this elderly man?

After all, in the case of hundreds of its former tribal citizens, who have been kicked out of the tribe in a process called disenrollment in the last four years without due process of law, that is exactly what they have done.

Above is a link to a KNBC Los Angeles 2007 story detailing the plight of one of the extended families who have lost their tribal citizenship.

The disenrollees were not allowed attorneys to be present at any disenrollment proceedings, they were not allowed to have any copies of the official transcripts, and they weren't even allowed to take notes at hearings.

The disenrollees actually were sent letters that said, "note taking instruments of any kind will not be permitted in the hearing room."

But one of the biggest travesties of justice, as seen in the investigative report "Without a Tribe," is that the tribe hired a re known expert on local Indian geneology who confirmed that the family in question were indeed bonefide Pechanga Indians but the tribe ignored their own expert in kicking the family out of the tribe.

The powers that be also ignored cesnus records, probate records, notarized testimony from current tribal elders and also tribal elders from the late 1800's who all confirmed the family were Pechanga.

In addition, in 2005 the tribe's general membership, the final governing authority of the tribe, voted to end disenrollment as a part of tribal law but the family in the KNBC investigative report were disenrolled (kicked out) from the tribe in 2006 anyway.

It is time the lawlessness going on at Pechanga end. The beating of an elderly patron at the tribe's is just the latest example and if they don't even follow their own laws, how can we be sure they will do what is right by the man who was beaten by Pechanga security?

Temecula Person said...

So, Pechanga beats its customers, cheats its members and then claims to be mistreated by the white man?

Anonymous said...

What's a little beating of an old man on medication?

After all, Pechanga donates to Darrell Issa and to LOCAL politicians.

Any comment from the Pechanga City Council Members?

How about Jeff Stone?

Anonymous said...

Why has the Press Enterprise not come out with an investigative report.

Do we have to give you contact information?

Anonymous said...

I was going to take my mom there for her birthday at the Steak House..... I think we will pass on that.


Anonymous said...

Last Friday was my LAST trip to Pechanga..... this is too much

Anonymous said...

I have no idea, but it would not surprise me to discover that this security guard was a tribal member and also a member of a certain family. Given the reaction that he responded with coupled with the obvious superior attitude, and he thought he could get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

But, would Pechanga really fire a tribal member so quickly? It took them MONTHS to get Larry Miranda OUT and that was a SLAM DUNK!

Oh, but you won't read that in the Press Enterprise either.

Superior Reporting from the PE

Anonymous said...

The KNBC story "beating of Pechanga customer is one of the most viewed already. Please check it out to keep it on top

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Pechanga can get away with this!

WHERE is the city council of Temecula on this? Have they made a statement?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe things are going on like this at Pechanga, I will never step foot in their doors again. How can tehy get away with things like this?

Anonymous said...

This is GILBERT JAIME ex-roll #0317. I want to remind everyone who reads this what happens to those who are taller fall harder. This is sad that blood has to be spilled so people can finally see how Pechanga likes to strip people of their dignities. Hey Pechanga what happens when these people you push start pushing back? I would love to be there... My heart goes out to this mans innocent wife and his ego. May your wounds forever heal.

expechangagambler said...

I just cancelled my subscription to the Press Enterprise and you should get all of your supporters to do the same....after all...if people don't read the paper...who cares who advertises in it?....has anybody heard yet if the tribe has taken a hit on their per capita checks yet?...i hear the Casino is empty, so this has to be hurting the $30,000 a month checks RIGHT??I HOPE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I work the floor there. The guy was drunk talking rudely to employees. He was over the carpeted area when they took him down and the only reason they went down that road was because he was resisting their escort. You people just go with what's said and believe every word of it no matter what. I saw them walk by me when they took him in. He refused to walk and they had to carry him. I talked to a dealer that was right there and he said that all they did with the wife was walk her a few steps back so she was not involved in the physical part of it. But like I said, you only want to see the bad side of things for Pechanga. What a shame to have such hate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but WE ARE PECHANGA , we have seen the "bad side from the inside (not as an outside observer like you seem to be). I am sure that he was drunk and acting rudely, but this is NO reason to beat him up. There is no reason to hit and knock down an elderly man no matter how drunk and disorderly he is acting. With the proper training non injurious control is quite possible (I know as I have the training/skills to do it myself having 30+ years in martial arts and having worked as a bouncer).

The only reason for such actions would be if he displayed a weapon like knife or gun, and I assume that this was not the case here.

He was trying to get to his hotel room to leave for Gods sake!

Anonymous said...

My husvand was not drunk. We were there on our anniversary and it was an unfortuante inciden, however, the security carreid it to far, and he has since been fired. I asked him why he did this to my husband because we said we were going to our room to get our luggage, and he said "When I say leave, that means the nearest exit" I told him he never related that to us and besides we didn't get a chance to get near any exit, we were 20 yards away when they jumped my husband. Then the security told me that they had surveillance tape of the whole thing, I told him "good it will show what you did was wrong" yes, guess it did show that bacasue he is no longer employeed there. The sad thing is we have been going to Pechanga for years and spent a lot of money there. This was our Anniversary, some memories huh???

Anonymous said...

What a moron, whoever said that Mr. Swan refused to walk and security had to carry him.

He was passing out you idiot!

He was not able to walk.

Why do you think he was rushed to the hospital because he was strong enough to walk on his own power?

No, he couldn't walk on his own power and there was a medical emergency!

expechangagambler said...

these people that post anonymous and say that they work at Pechanga are full of crap...why don't they say their name?...because they don't work at the Casino..they are tribal...first they write they are sherriff and now they work the big shots..if what you are saying is true..why not play the servalence tape on the air??...let us all see the truth??
and by the way....why don't you open up those slot machines for a real test by an outside agency?? know you guys have turned those things almost off of any winning don't want your per capita reduced so you monkey with the machines (imo)
and how much do you pay the press enterprise to keep silent on Casino stories??

Anonymous said...

Coumedin is a blood thinning drug. Once Mr. Swan put the guards on notice that he was on medications, that should have given them pause.

This is a travesty. If the District Attorney doesn't file charges, the travesty is compounded

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder what Pechanga's screening process is for hiring security officers if those officers can be so abusive.

It can't be very good as a supervisor who works for the tribal rangers, the internal security for the Pechanga reservation, is none other than Ronald Rivera, a convicted sex offender profiled on the Meagan's Law Web site.

Rivera couldn't get a job in security anywhere else and while the tribal rangers don't handle security for the casino, they are in charge of security for the rest of the reservation.

Lax hiring standards for the rangers = lax standards for the casino also?

Anonymous said...

Don't take offense please...but..the Tribe has really gotten very arrogant since getting the rights to Casinos.Instead of being honored to pull themselves out of poverty, they have used their new-found wealth to rub it in everyone elses face how well they are doing and also how untouchable from everyday laws they really are....whats bad is that this may just all come crumbling down on them soon.
The public really doesn't like to see people getting wealthy and powerfull too fast...they will soon try to stop the tribes from gaining so much know that something is in the wind when you see these TV commercials telling us how much the tribes are doing for everyone(like the San Manuel one now)..why don't they put in the commercial that the members of San Manuel tribe are each getting over $100,000 a month?
they don't tell you that....just they brag about how they fix broken water pipes on their own deal...its time for people to wake up...these tribes ARE NOT self reliant...they are VERY reliant on the non-Indian Californians to come to their Casinos and throw away their money so the tribes can get rich...period.!

Anonymous said...

Closing the casinos, or better still OPENING casino's in the state will REALLY help the tribes be SELF reliant.

Let them compete for business with other enterprises. They've had a ten year head start, they don't need anymore.

Has Pechanga improved the roads, the water delivery, housing on the reservation?

How much has each current tribal member received in per capita so far? Well over a million? That a huge head start over most US citizens. That should be enough.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga also gets money from the United States government for being a federally recognized Indian tribe.

Ironic that before the casino it seemed Pechanga wanted us, the disenrolled, in the tribe.

Could it be that they got more money from the federal government for having a bigger tribe but once the casino revenues started rolling in the federal dollars weren't as impostant anymore?

Hence they got rid of us when they didn't need us anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes and they als needed your numbers when they were trying to get the rights to build the counted then a Indians who needed help out of poverty....once they got the vote..they didn't need the numbers anymore..what a sad tribe.. :(

Ranly said...

Congratulations to Richard Swan for getting the Pechanga Tribe to pay for his medical needs.

What a terrible physical price to pay; brutality by Pechanga's goon squad.

Anonymous said...

What are the advantages to playing casino games at Tribal Casinos?

Proximity is one, but if you lose your rights or may get beaten, that doesn't seem worth it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck really have no rights on tribal land..there really should be a sign on the road saying "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!"....and you must also realize that the slots are watched over by tribal members from the same tribe that owns the you really think that they would report their own members from fixing the machines to reduce payouts?...why would they want to decrease their own profits by letting the machines payout?>..its like the fox guarding the hen house and something even the mafia doesn't get away with in Vegas.They are willing to massacre their own tribe to enrich themselves(fewer members=bigger per capita checks for the remaining tribe) why would they look out for your well-being?? really need to think about who you are giving your hard earned money to.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is one subject that a lot of "team member's" know all about there. Some of the security hired need a guard card or formal training. But the security on swing shift REALLY BELIEVE they are the law. They think the flash light on their side is a gun. Sorry but the floor officers are over weight, big mouthed, cop wanna be's. And those that aren't that, think they are some kind of uncover agents working for the president when in fact they are federal minimum wage earning forest rangers, that not even the bunnies would be afraid of. Their egos are a big as most of their belly's. Or your other option there is the geritol squad. The ninety year old men reliving their childhood dreams of being a cop. With this group to choose from what do you expect? Yes there are times they need a little bit more force but isn't that what the REAL COPS are there for? I in 12+ years there have seen A LOT! this most deffinately IS NOT AN ISOLATED INCIDENT. What do you expect they lost silk so they dont have as many chances to beat the hell out of people as they used to. that's the sad part. I am pleased the Swans came forward to the news. NOBODY ELSE HAS. AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THERE HAS BEEN HUNDREDS. And the only excuse they can "find" for justification is he was drunk. well NEWS FLASH: lets say he was, IS THAT NOT ANOTHER A.B.C. violation? over serving alcohol IS ILLEGAL. Or serving a visibly intoxicated individual is punishable by imprisonent as well as fines for the employee and the company. SO LET ME SEE IF I HAVE THIS PLACE CORRECT, NOT ONLY ARE TRIBAL MEMBERS OUT OF CONTROL, the security crazy, tribal rangers perverts, bartenders and cocktail servers care more about your tip than they do your life, and you lose all your money? WOW!!!! WHY GO TO DISNEYLAND, THIS PLACE SOUNDS MUCH BETTER!!!! No thanks!!! I would rather stay home, save my money, and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Just stay out of the Tribal Casino's, help put them all out of business! Carma is lethal!!!

If you must gamble go to Laughlin or Vegas where they are trained to take care of there paying customers.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of punks, hiding behind their heritage and taking rights away from there own and beating up and treating paying customer's like they do not matter.

Pechanga owes the Swan's more than a measely Hospital bill. They deserve an apology on national television and also a chunk of change for their stress and inconveinence of it all.

Pechanga needs to man up to there responsiblities and show that we do matter and that without us there Casino's will not not exist.

Anonymous said...

I agree stay out of the Indian Casino's.

If you have the urge to play go to Laughlin or Vegas.

Or just save your money and travel to spend the time with your family.

Anonymous said...

Put them all out of business!

Stay away from all Indian Casino's.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe these people... they think they are "big" and "tough" security. This just baffles me that men still act like "cavemen" in our society. I say "GROW UP" all need to be on medication!! Stay out of Pechanga..they only want our $$. You tribe members should be ashamed that you allow this kind of pscho behavior.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to obtain permission of a tribe to sue them? The Feds won't get involved unless a capital crime is involved, right?

What ever happened with this case?

undercover slot attendant said...

National Indian Gaming Commission

Federal Bereau Of Investigation

(Has jurisdiction...and WILL Investigate)

Los Angeles
FBI Los Angeles
Suite 1700, FOB
11000 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90024-3672
(310) 477-6565

I used to work there... the tapes are likely destroyed, and the reports edited.

My best wishes, and my heart goes out to you and all victims of Tribal Gaming!

Anonymous said...

In actuallty. it's not a matter of claiming tribal imunity. there is however a process. depending on amount of suite, they should be able to file a tort claim with the tribal gaming commission, which acts as an independent agency body of the tribal business committiee. although tribes ar imune to civil suites, we however are still subject to criminal prosecution. please do your homework before you speak!.... yes these officers where clearly not trained.. and tribes alll around the country are dealing with these issues one day at a time just like everyone else... but i believe it to b unfair to say tribes are not being held responible for thier actions, when in reality we are held to higher standard, and mass scrutiny than any other state or goverment agency

Anonymous said...

Pechanga has been nice to me. I am surprised at the restraint they do use. People lose money and get mad.

stand your ground said...

yes people get mad when they lose money,they get mad at themselves, but in this case you are way off base. The Tribal Thugs where asserting their "POWER" over another human being simply because they could. They acted like THUGS,
but that has been the norm at the Pechanga Casino for quite some time now...I will never go there again...enough is enough and my money is just as well spent at another casino.

Anonymous said...

All security abuse at Casinos is strictly big dog little dog syndrome. Security personnel who have been influenced by the Mexican Mafia members, will want to act out. All the more reason to use the US Army to blot out them all. It could happen with the current Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Are there any attornys that will take on cases against Pechanga?
I've been looking for one to repesent me. I was out with a non work injury with Dr's note requested a LOA. That was dennied after I used my 6 days of PTO and was terminated.
So they don't treat their employees any better.

Anonymous said...

You are all just a bunch of Indian HATERS!

Anonymous said...

at Indian HATERS
what a dumb remark
so it is OK for their offensive behavior, and people who don't agree are Indian Haters!!??
you are obviously missing the point here

JT said...

I agree with the guy that was talking about the slot machines. Pechanga is by far the tightest damn casino I have ever played at by far. I know because I am a slot technician. I've worked at 4 casinos in my life. 2 in California (Barona, Pala) and 2 in Vegas (Suncoast, Red Rock) and all 4 of them had equal odds on their games. I used to laugh at the loosest slot commercials casinos came out with, but Pechanga really doesn't want their guests to win. I never see people win at Pechanga, never. If I ever go there again I will play table games where you at least have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Forget old people, what about the 20 year old man they found beaten to death in the stair well of the garage, how did that happen?

Security Training Courses said...

This is indeed sad to hear. Security guards should maintain security and safety. They must not use their position to harm people.

Anonymous said...

I'm a retired law enforcement officer and I used to work in Pechanga Security, I'm glad I quit. Pechanga's Public Safety Department is loaded with previous Marines (including Carmichael) and other "wanna-be" law enforcement officer types with no experience providing security and safety. Security was better at the Selma-to-Montgomery March in 1965.

Anonymous said...

Iused to work at pechanga. It was like working in a nazi prison camp. When you work there you loose your soul. The devil lives there.The natural law of Karma always wins.People dont always stay on top things do change. BEWARE!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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