Tuesday, November 25, 2008

San Pascual Tribal Split

Tribe’s schism threatens casino
By Victor Morales, Today correspondent

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. – The latest meditation attempt by BIA officials Oct. 12 to resolve a rift between members of a tribal council has failed, possibly threatening the legality of its lucrative casino operations, a senior BIA official said.
As it stands, the BIA does not recognize the split tribal government of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians in inland San Diego County, said James Fletcher, superintendent of the Southern California Agency of the BIA. “If they don’t come to an agreement there may be far reaching impacts,” Fletcher said. Pressed on whether the tribe’s Valley View Casino was at risk, Fletcher said, “The potential exists, yes, but I don’t know how high at this point.”
Fletcher advised both factions in August that he could not recognize either as the legitimate tribal government because they were holding separate meetings, suspending each other’s members from the council and resisting working out their disagreements.
One of the factions voted in replacements, according to a BIA letter to the tribe. The council rift centers on the disenrollment of a family because of questions concerning their Indian ancestry, Fletcher said. About 80 people’s tribal rights were suspended, including payments from casino revenues.

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Anonymous said...

Injustice done at the hands of a dictator and his regime. The violent uneducated few who strong armed the government and brainwashed the people. Know whats going on.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Anonymous said...

that dictator is kicking san pasqual indians out of the San Pasqual tribe and he aint even from there.


Allen thief Lawson

Anonymous said...

Why didn't this Fletcher come to your aid when your tribe kicked all of you out?...didn't you guys also have 2 factions fighting for control?..or did your chief just bend over and let it happen ..or did he actaully plan the whole disenrollment to give himself more control?..

Anonymous said...

The chairman was PART of the group that wanted more members out, or, at BEST was controlled by them.

The faction, called the CPP has MANY violent offenders as members and they ran roughshod over peaceful people.

Not enough noise was made and they had it easy. I believe Fletcher's family was part of the CPP too. Plus, he stood to gain financially when the tribe destroyed 25% of the tribe. He has a handicapped child and that gets expensive.

Anonymous said...

Oh so he is a big crook as well!

Anonymous said...

BIA determines that Marcus Alto Sr. was full blooded indian for a 4th time. Allen Thief Lawson refuses to pay out withheld benefits and restore jobs. ALLEN IS A THIEF LAWSON is not San PAsqual indian he is from MESA GRANDE.

He Works for Ellis Gaming ripping off tribes nationwide.

He has worked for every company doing business on San Pasqual Reservation. They all get the bids. He gets kick backs and jobs while the rest of the tribe suffers.


Anonymous said...


Pontas said...

Honestly, All You folks Need to research and get Your facts staight',Many of you dont know what your "commenting About".Allen Lawson Has been a very Good Tribal chairman and has changed the quality of life on the reservation."Unless your Blind and Cant see the changes"then bifocals are available...understand.,"Whats Right is right"..and whats wrong Is wrong"..There are Documents that Prove Marcus Robert Alto was not the Biological SON of JOSE ALTO and MARIA DURO ALTO..Marcus parents were.LOS BENDITA"..how do I know.I have these documents..Not only that' theres another adoopted female in the tribe, who needs to recongnize,she is not From the tribe..The name will be given to a reporter soon. "whats right is right"..and whats wrong is wrong..'I have not come to bring peace but a sword -jesus christ-