Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have you Seen Violations of Law at Pechanga Casino?

We know that Pechanga has had an embezzler, who stole over $400 K, a Pechanga tribal member who stole from the employees tips, a Bribery scheme against employees, violations of Civil Rights by Pechanga and Customer BEATING by the Pechanga Security Force. What else is happening there of the criminal type? The CARJACKING by a Pechanga Tribal Member was a local police matter.

If you have information to share about what you've seen, heard and know, here is the contact information for the FBI:
FBI Los Angeles
Suite 1700,
FOB 11000Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90024-3672
(310) 477-6565

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Anonymous said...

You do realize many people would like to come forward but fear their retalliation and or breech of contractual agreements, they were required to sign in order to work there. Most know nothing will get done in the end anyway, ie: larry and partners. The only people punished so far are those stealing FROM THE TRIBE, but non natives it's ok to steal from harass and treat VERY POORLY. With out recourse.