Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pechanga Responds To Their Brutality Against Their Customers

Since the uproar is growing against the brutality of Pechanga's security force,late this afternoon, Pechanga issued a statement: Spokesperson Amy Minniear of the Pechanga Development Corporation said, "We are aware of the incident. Mr. Swan was being removed from the property when the incident occurred. We have reviewed the situation carefully as it relates to compliance with our policies and procedures. The officer involved is no longer employed by Pechanga. Pechanga deeply regrets that this happened. We hope to resolve the matter with Mr. Swan as soon as possible." Amy, you are AWARE of the incident? Mr. Swan was told to leave the property and when he was going to the hotel, YOUR employees SLAMMED HIM TO THE GROUND! WHEN was this ONE employee fired? What happened to the OTHER employee? And the belligerant customer? Do you have HIS contact information. IF you regret this situation, then WHY would the sheriff SAY that this is not the first time this has happened? Clarity is needed from Pechanga and QUICKLY. RESOLVE the situation means covering the damages your people did, acknowledge that Pechanga has swept matters like these under the rug. DISCOVERY in the lawsuit will be interesting won't it? Did Pechanga PAY for the security guards silence, OR will he spill the beans about the corruption at Pechanga?


Anonymous said...

As a woman of 55 yrs, I was removed from Pechanga and it was not a pleasant experience. Because my friends and I took the lead chairs at a BJ table, we were rewarded by taking the winning hands from the existing players at the end of the table. After a few hands, through their “looks” and conversations in a foreign dialect, it was obvious those players were not pleased by our newly arrived presence. While there were no verbal exchanges between the two parties, there were some return looks given back by one in our party. From there it wasn’t long before we, the newly arrived players, noticed a group of well dressed security thugs hovering a few tables away. By then the disgruntled players had stepped back from the table as if they knew what was coming down the pike. And then it wasn’t long before we, the newly arrived players, were approached and ushered away by the thugs to a back room. As we left the table I turned to the dealer asked him what we had done. His reply, “you upset the wrong people”. What he meant by that was the disgruntled people were of Asian descent, which as we all know, are held in high regard by Pechanga management. When we were approached by the Thugs they told us they wanted to speak to us. As it turned out, that is exactly what happened because once we were in their playroom we were not allowed to speak, and when we attempted our attention was immediately directed to the local sheriff standing in the background. In the end we were banished from Pechanga for 6 months, but that didn’t matter to me because I had already vowed to never return. The experience was not only uncalled for, but humiliating, intimidating and threatening. Since then, and regardless of the extended drive, I have chosen to patronize Rincon, a far more well managed and friendly environment than Pechanga. And when out of town guests visit, on our way to Rincon we drive slowly by Pechanga and say sorry about your luck Pechanga Thugs. It has now been 3 years since that incident I have kept to my vow to never return. I also spread this story freely so that others know to beware of what to expect if they go to Pechanga.

Murrieta resident

t'eetilawuncha! said...

The PRC is scrambling right now. The resolve will come from a Payoff $$$ to the Swan's. Look for a quick settlement.

Anonymous said...

A settlement is GOOD! That opens the door for more elderly to get beaten then paid off.

Anonymous said...

settlement...what settlement. As a reminder Pechanga cannot be sued for this incident due to their sovereign status. I am sure the insurance will pay for medical costs, but no punitive damages can be attained by the victims.

stand your ground said...

I am so sorry to hear what happened to this gentleman
Pechanga is just a bad place to go to, their sovereignty status makes it near to impossible to get justice.
They will probably just by the Swans off and be done with it.
The one thing that we can do is to bring all these corrupt things out into the open.
People read the blogs, it will hit home at Pechanga sooner or later.
What happended to the Swans was wrong and criminal, i urge everyone to go to another Casino
cause you never know when this will happen to you.

Anonymous said...

What are our chances of getting beaten by either a Pechanga tribal member or their crack security team?

Didn't a member car-jack somebody recently?

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder what Pechanga's screening process is for hiring security officers if those officers can be so abusive.

It can't be very good as a supervisor who works for the tribal rangers, the internal security for the Pechanga reservation, is none other than Ronald Rivera, a convicted sex offender profiled on the Meagan's Law Web site.

Rivera couldn't get a job in security anywhere else and while the tribal rangers don't handle security for the casino, they are in charge of security for the rest of the reservation.

Lax hiring standards for the rangers = lax standards for the casino also?

Anonymous said...

How is Mr. Swan doing now with his recovery from his beating?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Swan is not doing well, he is having dizziness problems and his wrist is swollen from them placing then handcuffs so tightly and his arm is very sore where they twisted it back so violently to place the cuffs on him. Can you beleive such force for a 70 year old man. This doesn't include the emitional trauma. And I, his wife am not doing well at all, I cannot get the image out of my head of seeing my husband being taken down like that. Spokesperson Amy Minniear made a statement and said at the end they hope to resolve this matter with Mr. Swan as soon as possible, but we haven't heard a word from them as of yet.
Thank you for your concern Anonymous Nove 12 6:34 AM
Jonne Swan

Anonymous said...

Since the Casino hasn't really taken any heat from the probably will never hear back from them...hell...they wouldn't want to pay would cut into the $30,000 a month that each Pechanga tribal member gets..the tribe is only worried about the bottom line...the money they can get out of the casinos...for themselves!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Swan, my prayers are with your husband and yourself that he and you make a speedy recovery from not only the physical problems he is encountering but also emotional healing as well for both of you.

May God be with you but also may God touch the hearts of the people in position of authority at Pechanga that they take responsibility for what has happened and that they do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your prayers for my husband and myself. We are senior citizens and I am sure people are aware that the healing process (both physical and emotional) takes much longer. We need all the prayers we can get. I am still stuggling emotionally with the entire incident, which could and should have not esculated like it did.
Jonne Swan