Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tribal Self Reliance in California, Have they Had Enough Time? Let's expand gaming throughout California.

A couple of commenter raised good questions about SELF RELIANCE that tribes have touted since Indian Gaming.

It's been 2o years for gaming in CA, and 10 years since Class 3 gaming was allowed. Tribes have expanded businesses and done pretty well. Is it time for the rest of Californians to have that same opportunity?

Shouldn't gaming be expanded throughout California, so that the state will benefit? Tribes pay very little to the state, much less than Las Vegas/Nevada gaming businesses pay.

Have tribes taken that money to improve all the infrastructures on their reservations? Water delivery, power, greenbelts, sewers, HOUSING FOR MEMBERS? IF NOT, WHY NOT? Pechanga has paid their members over $1.5 million each, much more than the average of Americans. (It would be MUCH less, had the tribe not terminated 25% of the tribe, and EVEN LESS had the tribe allowed all those who had a right to be in the tribe, IN) Had they taken that money to develop the rez, it would seem to be the right use of funds.

Is it PAST TIME to level the playing field in California?


Anonymous said...

oh don't worry,....the card clubs in California are already gearing up....and seeing what the tribes are pulling out for themselves will turn the tide for the voting public...self-reliance is a joke...
self-enrichment is more like it!!..these abuse reports are really goiing to help the cause...keep beating up your customers Pechanga...your already ripping them off...might as well kick them while they are down...

stand your ground said...

It has my vote
i am tired of going to the same
casinos around here and Ls.Vgs is to damn far to go, lets build some here in our state.
Maybe the political whores in Sacto.will be able to balance a budget by then.
One can only hope.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

I'm sure alot of proeple are trying to balance their personal budgets.

This would allow alot of extra revenue to stream into our budget.

Oh ya, It will happen!

Better start saving!