Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to New Readers of Original Pechanga's Blog

Greetings to all our new visitors!

This blog details the bad acts by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. While the tribal chairman, mark macarro is the face of Indian gambling in California, that face hides the sinister actions of his tribal council.

Please check through the archives for many stories of the injustices that Pechanga has perpetrated on their own people. IF PECHANGA will cheat their own, they will cheat (or as happened recently, BEAT) you.

Show your outrage at Pechanga's action by avoiding their casino and hotel. If you don't play, they won't win.

The families that were disenrolled were members a century before there was a casino, and we have no problem being members when all that Pechanga has again is .... SAND.


t'eetilawuncha! said...

We are and always will be part of the reservation. Our family has allotted land on Pechanga since it was created. We are not going anywhere. We are Luiseno, Temecula, and Pechanga indians.

Thank YOU very much :)

Anonymous said...

Well said, cousin!

Pechanga patrons BEWARE!

White Buffalo said...

I remember when the baseball field was sand, and people did not mind if you drove through their fields to get to their place for a wedding or a gathering and family accepted family as their own, yes we were poor but we knew who we were and everyone got along Now I do not know anyone they are all Pretend Indians or Casino Indians where is the tradition in that unless disenrollment is the new Indian way correct me if I am wrong. I wait for the day I can walk again where my Grandfather and I did so many years ago Once a proud people My Grandfather and all who came before him back to Pablo Apis would be ashamed of those who have done this as well as those who let it happen. Are there no warders left I will stand with you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having a place to learn about what's going on in Indian Country that we don't hear about

Anonymous said...

This is a great way for students to learn living history of the American Casino Indian.

Anonymous said...

You have a great site,,,but,,,the worst cartoons at the bottom of the page...why trash up your site with comics that most the time make no sense??....and are very rarely even the least bit funny?..I know its your way to snipe at Obama...but is this a political site or one that is trying to teach human rights?..make up your mind..thanks

OPechanga said...

If you can only concentrate on one thing, then do not read the comic strip.
If you do not find them funny, it's probably because you have no sense of humor or common sense.
This site is what I WANT it to be.

If you want to add more on human rights issues, you are MORE than Welcome to do so.

My mind IS made up, I'll run my blog the way I want to.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your right o pechanga..I might not have any common sense...after all I changed from a weekly Pechnaga gambler to one who will not go into Pechanga in support of you and your website...and have passed on info to many other regular you are probably right...i am very stupid and I have no common sense.
Sorry I supported you..

OPechanga said...

I'm not sorry, but I look forward to reading your own blog, where you can make the rules.

Thank you for your support to this point. And please, don't call yourself stupid, as I certainly didn't.

Luiseno said...

I am afraid that I will have to agree with expecangagambler on this one. I don't understand many of the comics (i.e. the current one), and those that I do understand, I find many offensive.

But I agree that this is your blog, and you have every right to post anything you want. But it is a shame that some people are so offended that they are departing from reading your blog.

I hope that it hasn't turned them off to our cause completely. Or perhaps they are hurt, that what they consider "constructive criticism" is not taken very seriously.

I myself just for the most part ignore the comic, and hardly ever scroll down that far to see it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sorry opechanga....those are some really lame comics...and yes it is your what you want, but it does offend many people when you post politically offensive comics and it really might turn some people off to your cause....which is a shame because I think that you need every bit of support for your cause.When i do scroll down I am embarrassed how lame they usually are...and yes , this is my opinion and none of my business(i know)..the rest of your blog is really great though!!

Anonymous said...

I think they the comics are hilarious and some times come to the site just to see the next one!

stand your ground said...

Geez Weez people, this is a
"not political correct cartoon"
i read them and i either laugh or ignore the message, i suggest you do the same.
No politician is immune of being made fun of. Get over it.
Read it or don't read it
why can't someone have a different oppinion from yours and why
won't you tolerate and respect that
in this country.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comics are funny, some are biting and some miss the mark, but that's the biz.

Chris Muir is usually spot on from a conservative point of view and that includes skewering a non-conservative Bush admin.

Bet expechangagambler likes Doonesbury.

Luiseno said...

I dont think your getting to point... it's not about the comics, it's about flippantly ignoring comments from non indian readers who have made the statement that they are no longer going to visit or read the blog. People who have expressed there desire to see justice done, and are spreading the word of our plight.

Like I said... I ignore the comics .

But its other readers I worry about. I know I am taking a risk that Original Pechanga may take offence at my words, I hope this is not so as I am doing it under the spirit of constructive criticism, and have great respect and admiration for what he has created.

Anonymous said...

No I don't like Doonesbury either....but its nice to see that Luiseno gets it completely...wether you like it or not..when you make political swipes, you will turn off some people...yes some are going to love it and some are going to hate it.I come to Opechanga as a ex-customer of his old Casino..and I stopped going after I read his site.when i read the goofy comics that he posts ..sometimes it made me wonder who I was siding with..and when he tells me I have no sense of humor or common sense...well then I doubly question my choice...but you know what?...I am still way on his side and won't go back to Pechanga until you people get some justice from someone.! need people like me on your side..we can hurt Pechanga with loss of revenue..thank you

Anonymous said...

Just curious O'pechanga....have you heard any rumblings about a reduction in the monthly checks?...i have some friends who stop by Pachanga and they say its a ghost they should have to cut back on something unless they start cutting the per capita checks..I bet they have cut back on pay-outs....and the new gimmick of Pechanga millions is just that (a gimmick),...they pay it out over 25 years...but you don't see that in the you would get about $30--$40,000 a year...thats hardly making someone a millionaire.

OPechanga said...

I will be happy to explain any of the comics that are not understood by my readers.

Chris Muir is a gifted commenter.