Thursday, November 13, 2008

If You're a Rich San Manuel Casino Indian, You Can Hatch Murder Plots and Get NO Jail time: DA Michael Ramos

Excellent justice for attempted murder, Mr. District Attorney Michael Ramos

San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos wants to make one thing perfectly clear: He can't be bought. OP: Rented?

The county's top prosecutor wants to dispel any public perception that more than $12,000 in contributions to his campaign in the last two years from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and an attorney had anything to do with a plea bargain that allowed two wealthy tribal members to receive probation and electronic monitoring for plotting to kill a man in 2006. OP: Certainly NOT, why would we think that?

"This office will not, and cannot, and never will be bought. It doesn't matter who you are," Ramos said. "And that's the most important part of the DA's office - our integrity." OP: Way to show that INTEGRITY. Put two La Eme people in jail, (rightfully so) but not those who PROMOTED MURDER.

Let's see, San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos does nothing to tribal members and Riverside DA won't investigate the BEATING of one of Pechanga's customers. (apparently, NONE of the brutality issues, as Riverside sheriff's told Mr. Swan than his case wasn't unusual).


stand your ground said...

Why do i not believe the
San Bernardino D.A. Mike Ramos

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Nuff said. If it were anyone else we would not see daylight!

Anonymous said...

Dear DA Ramos,

How many San Bernardino County residents have you put in JAIL for lesser crimes in the past year?

This was solicitation of MURDER!

Electronic monitoring? How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

well..doesn't he also knowingly let the Eme run free on the reservation..or is that the tribe protecting the Eme?

Anonymous said...

That just goes to show that money can buy some people even if the don't admit it.

For those who don't know, LaMe or the Eme is short for the Mexican Mafia.

So some San Manuel money is funding Mafia activities and Indian gaming money is going to the funding of organized crime and the buying off of public officials?

Is that the Indian self reliance that was talked about when California voters approved gaming on Indian reservations?

Ironic though the Mafia foot soldiers get long jail sentences, and as OP says rightfully so, but the Indians who came up with the plot and who asked the Mafia guys to carry it out get almost nothing!

Anonymous said...

DO YOUR JOBS Mr. District Attorney

Anonymous said...

Is that why we have to sit through those stupid commercials on TV right now from San Manuel...?
They are really putting them on about how self reliant they are and how much they help(themselves)..but not once do they say that they are also making over $100,000 per month each off of the Casino.
You can always tell when a tribe is about to get some bad press...they start running commercials about how good they are to everyone....but the truth is that they really are only about lining their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

So it looks like getting of on the charges with a simple House arrest was to difficult for the girl.. she just got sentanced to 17yrs for violating her terms of probation. Sounds like "and justice for all" might really be true?

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