Tuesday, December 2, 2008

San Manuel Continues to Support Other Native American's while Tribes Like Pechanga Hurt their OWN

After giving $1 million to the Havasupai people, the San Manuel tribe in California has given $100,000 to help West River area reservation areas recovering from the early November blizzard.
Officials at the Black Hills Area Chapter of the American Red Cross said the funds will help provide immediate assistance and assist with future emergency services on the reservations.

"When the tribe was made aware of the situation at Pine Ridge and at Rosebud, we knew we had to assist our brother and sister tribes," said Chairman James Ramos of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians of San Bernardino. Wildfires in California galvanized desire among his tribe's members to help the Lakota, he said.


just do it said...

I have noticed that the San Manuel Tribe has new commercials out and they are trying to get the message out that they are good people.
I guess that is to show everyone that the situation with the two Barajas siblings is not a common thing in the tribe.
The latest with Stacy Barajas is that she is being held in jail because she violated probation...
In any case the tribe is doing some good things when they help the more needy natives.
That is what all rich tribes should be doing-spread it around-
{Obamas version]SHARE THE WEALTH

Anonymous said...

Maybe thats why you see these commercials and the Tribe gives a modest donation....thay have had bad press with the killings and the Eme on the reservation..thats the solution...tell everyone how generous you are...and how you help everyone...but don't mention how rich you are getting as a tribe member from all the millions that are being lost in your Casino.
Didn't I read at this site that the tribe members at San Manuel each get over $100,000 a month per capita?...thats a huge amount of money that California is losing and going into tribal members pockets....now wonder so many people in California are losing their houses....they lose all of their money dumbly in the Casinos!!
Wake up California!!!