Friday, November 7, 2008

Riverside Press Enterprise SILENT on Pechanga's Violent Abuse of Power

The Press-Enterprise quickly reports crimes at Soboba and Rincon, yet is strangely silent on the criminal act of excessive force by Pechanga's security guards. Why is that?

We have sent FOUR P E reporters the information from the SWANS, contact information for Pechanga and the contacts for liasons in the Sheriff's department, yet NO story.

How MUCH is that ad revenue from Pechanga anyway? Here's some of the stories the PE wrote about:

LONG BEACH TEACHER faces prison (how local is that?)
FONTANA fireworks ban (not in service area either, and when is 4th of July?)
New Bridge in San Bernardino
Rialto School Chief resigns (So what?)
West Hollywood Protest Arrests (so not local)

Come ON, Press Enterprise, give us NEWS about the abuses at Pechanga, don't hide it.


Anonymous said...

Also, where is the Californian/North County Times and why hasn't anything been posted at Pechanga tribal member Victor Rocha's site

Rob, who drops in here and writes for defends their site as being a fair and unbiased news source.

So how about it Victor and Rob?

Anonymous said...

I bet they won't DARE put anything this negative.

Rob must have been lying about it being unbiased. Or maybe he doesn't think KNBC is a good source?

stand your ground said...

I have e-mailed to many times also they never printed anything it's worth a try.
They read all the e-mail, let's bombard them with inquiries as to why they are afraid of printing this story.

Anonymous said...

It's been THREE weeks since the Press Enterprise was told of the story of the Swans... BY THE SWANS.

Did it come over the police wires at all?

It's been on KNBC's site since the 4th of November. You'd think that SOMEONE at the Press Enterprise would recognize NEWS. Publisher, Editors, senior reporters, commenters.. anyone....anyone? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

Bueller? Ha Ha...

Maybe the checks that the PE gets for advertising are MORE important than NEWS!

Hey, PE...PECHANGA has to advertise SOMEWHERE and YOU are their only place to go. WHO holds the bigger cards?

Anonymous said...

Ad revenue is hard to come by for the dinosaur media. Even harder when you tell the truth about Pechanga to the people of Riverside County

stand your ground said...

The Press Enterprise as well as the L.A.Times are losing customers and the Times has had to lay off some staff,
it seems that customers can't get real news from them you gotta go to KTLA, KABC OR KNBC to get the real story.

OPechanga said...

Victor Rocha's site did have a blurb about the Swan's case. After 30 days, the Press Enterprise has not.

Anonymous said...

There is a comment today at the NBC site and the person says that in 10 years there has never been any abuse at the that true...seems like there have been many reports of abuse at Pechanga...i am sure the person who wrote it was either tribal or a public relations person hired by the tribe.