Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best Wishes for Pechanga Councilman Gabriel Pico

UPDATE: Sad news from Denver is that Gabriel has passed away. Our condolences to the Pico family and those tribal members and friends and acquaintances who cared about him.

No statement yet from the Pechanga Council.

We are sure the CPP is already figuring how much of Gabriel's per capita will go to them.

We want to send our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for Pechanga Councilman Gabriel Pico who was taken ill while attending the Democratic Convention in Denver.

We need good members like the Pico's on the council, that bring positive balance to the council, unlike many members, such as Murphy and Calac.

Get better soon Gabriel.


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Gabe. You're going to be greatly missed.

wiaasal said...

Sadley, Gabriel passed away yesterday. Hopefully there will be a full investigation.

Rest in peace Gibby.

Luiseno said...

I agree, Pico in wonderful. I wish him well and hope and pray for a complete recovery.

I just wish he had been elected as charman. He would have been GREAT in that position, and yes I did vote for him when I was in the tribe.

Anonymous said...

What happened, Bar fight at DNC in Denver, 2 on 1? One has been arrested? Where were Mark & his cronnies? Did they not have his back? RIP G. Pico! We feel for your family.

Anonymous said...

sad news, but what happened?
its totally shocking...

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna steal his council seat?
What will mark & the corrupt leaders do to insure that the seat is filled by a CPP sympathizer?
What new rules will they invent this time to continue their plight evil deeds?

Best wishes Tribal Members on getting someone good for ALL Pechanga people, to support what is right, in Gabriel's place soon!
Hang tough Pico's we are praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

Was Gabriel ill? Did he have a heart attack? Was there foul play?

Why does there need to be an investigation?

Sad, Sad news. My hopes and prayers go out to the Pico family.

Anonymous said...

Bar fight in Denver while attending Dem. Convention. There will be a full investigation. One man in custody so far. Still looking for second suspect.

Anonymous said...

This blog is really in the dark about the goings on at Pechanga. Not to put you down OP,you have the right idea& at this point are the only voice for the Hunters.
It just seems that info brought forth is always second or third hand.

Too bad there is no contact with tribe-sympathetic members, friends,or family members who still live on rez. & know what is going down. A lot is happening again behind closed doors & no mention here.

Just a while back threats of indictments that have yet to occur.

Hunter do have a strong case its just too bad there is soo much fear after all this time.

Gabriel did not fall ill.
It was a violent act of trauma that led to his death. RIP Gibby!!

Anonymous said...

wow censorship sucks!!
truth hurts!!

Anonymous said...

California tribal leader dies of fight injuries

By Mike McPhee
The Denver Post

Article Last Updated: 09/03/2008 05:06:22 PM MDT

A tribal leader from California died Monday from injuries he received in a fight with a bouncer outside the Diamond Cabaret strip club on Glenarm Place, according to police.

Gabriel Pico, 41, of Temecula, Calif., between Los Angeles and San Diego, died Monday evening from injuries he received around 2 a.m. Saturday, the coroner's office reported.

He was a member of the Pechanga Tribal Council.

No other details have been released.

Anonymous said...

I live in Denver. The Diamond Cabaret is a strip club.

OPechanga said...

Anonymous says: This blog is really in the dark about the goings on at Pechanga. Not to put you down OP,you have the right idea& at this point are the only voice for the Hunters.
It just seems that info brought forth is always second or third hand.

Too bad there is no contact with tribe-sympathetic members, friends,or family members who still live on rez. & know what is going down. A lot is happening again behind closed doors & no mention here.

OP: I agree. Please tell us what you know. What do YOUR contacts tell you?

Anonymous said...

It is sad what happened. My wishes and prayer to the familly.

Kind of funny how noone has a clue of what happened but speculate. All I can say is keep guessing and making up stories. The guy was a jerk, no he didn't deserve this but at the same point noone deserved to be treated the way he treated people. He may have a name in Cali but when the bar is closed and he tries to cry racism because we wont serve him after hours!? Learn the whole story and if you don't know it don't make things up!!!

Anonymous said...

Who made anything up? At first all we heard was that something had happened to Gabriel and that he was taken to a hospital.

How could we know what happened if we weren't there?

I will speculate on one thing though, the Denver Post story says he died from injuries suffered from a fight with a bouncer outside the club.

Private security, particularly at night clubs and bars, can sometimes use excessive force because of lack of proper training.

A man dies from injuries after a confrontation with a bouncer sounds suspicious to me.

One thing Anonymous, probably from Denver, has right is that even if Gabriel was acting like a jerk, he didn't deserve to die because of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, I don't know that Gabriel was acting like a jerk.

I just was saying for the sake of argument that even if he was, he didn't deserve what happened to him.

As I said, it sounds to me that security, three of them according to a Denver police source, may have very well used excessive force.

Of course we will find out as more information comes out and if they did use excessive force and it caused Gabriel's death, they should be proscecuted to the full extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

its funny...when things happen to people on the reservation..there doesn't seem to be much law for non-indian people to use...yet you are calling for prosecution of an Indian on white mans land....maybe all of the same laws should be enacted on the Reservations as well...that way the criminals couldn't go and hide on it like I have read stories about -on this site.
No one should be above the law...that includes the bouncers(if they were wrong) or the Indians living on Reservations..

Anonymous said...

Pechanga is above the law on their sacred(NOT) land, thanks to soverignty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Punk AS_'es rule- m.m,j.m,& little "wee-man"- j.m.(keep singin in mass-to sooth ur soul-don't worry its too late- you have sealed your fate-too fake-karma-karma-karma) way to ruin Pechanga for ALL!!
CPP pound this!!!

Much love to the few good tribal Members living under a rock. Just letting the good times roll, for now, WATCH YOUR BACK YOU MIGHT BE NEXT, good people.

keep fighting the good fight. Ha Ha

White Buffalo said...

With the happenings at Soboba and now another incident at Pechanga the powers that grant immunity to sovereign nations like Pechanga are quietly looking at the growing law-lessens. Whit a few more incidents like the ones mentioned in this blog and others the feds are going to find a remedy. Tribal identity is one thing rouge states are another. Sure money can buy a lot of favors but there comes a time when the people will say enough is enough. They took our lands and placed use on reservations and said you can govern your self's there, but what they did not say was along as you stay there and do not interfere with us or cause us problems. it when on this way for a long time up until the rise of the casino. They laughed when we caused the death of the people with disenrollment's, but now they are looking to take the power of sovereignty away because of the inability of the tribal government to use the power for the betterment of the people. the old saying comes to mind "Give'em enough rope and they will hang themselves"

Anonymous said...

If it was three bouncers responding to after-hours antics, it wasn't excessive force. Pico didn't look like a very small man. Pechanga's old Silk club had their bouncers respond in higher numbers than three when anyone, tribal members included, got out of hand. When people fight, people get hurt. There's no way a business would ever intentionally use excessive force at the risk of being sued. I'm certain they were only using group tactics to control someone that was likely out of control. He shouldn't have been at a strip club in the first place, just as any Government official should not represent their people in such an ugly way. If he had been representing the Pechangas in a more dignified way, he would not be dead right now. As for losing a voice for representation, you've got to be able to hear a voice before it does any good for you; now that he's made his decisions, his whisper is now just a passing breath that has moved it's last. Appealing to the tribe is useless. Appealing to the U.S. Federal government isn't. Promoting an image of a drunk indian at a strip club does nothing to help you. Love his family, but distance yourself from his memory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no business would intentionally use excessive force but if even if they didn't intend to use too much force but they did, they are still criminally liable.

Maybe not for murder but for manslaughter if their actions contributed to the man's death.

It is a security industry problem that security, particularly at night clubs, have little or no proper training to do their jobs.

The companies just find the biggest, strongest guys to handle their security and sometimes these guys go overboard.

White Buffalo said...

Address the issue was he acting like a jerk? We know why he was there.

Did they use excessive force?

Was he bulling and acting loud

Who was with him at the time of the incident, Other tribal members who have not been mentioned?

The autopsy will reveal the truth of cause of death?

Are all tribal council members of the same nature.
or is the money clouding their judgment more than what is visible.

Bad publicity for Pechanga,

Pechanga has let the coyotes in and now they rule

Anonymous said...

How is it bad publicity? We are talking about a casino where people gamble.How is that different from a cabaret? We aren't talking churches here...And if he shouldn't have been there (that's debatable),then maybe it shouldn't be by a convention center where business people go,isn't that why it's there in the first place and why it's that expensive?
Isn't one of the bouncers Camozzi? What does he do again besides work there?

Anonymous said...

Being involved in this situation had a front row seat to the whole thing. No, he didn't deserve what happened to him. Being restrainded from three "CUSTOMERS" from kicking him in the face and punching him while the other "bouncers" tried restraining the three males is such a bad thing, then we are guilty. Protecting someone that thinks he is higher than anyone in the place, bragging of who he is, calling people racist and cussing at them calling them names...he deserved hi *** kicked!!! I wanted to punch him in the mouth!!!He wasn't a small guy but sure did think he was invincible when he called out those three guys. The paper has it all wrong. Yeah, when the police showed up we had it under control. But none of them know how to read a statement and speculated the incident was between Gabriel and the bouncer. Kinda sad how Denvers finest try to cover up that they didn't even check the motionless Gabriel for over tem minutes and try to cover it up by pointing fingers...

Anonymous said...

He was with an unknown female. He walked into the club while people were being asked to leave because it was 1:45am, closing time. He was telling everyone around him to f**k off, we are all being racist because we wouldn't let him in after hours. He would reason with anything said to him. He was drunk and being a prick. He started the fight with 3 males in the club. We, "the bouncers" as the Post says were trying to get Pico in a cab. He wanted to fight everyone and anyone that walked by. For you people to believe the news papers is funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, anyonymous, you've convinced us. He certainly deserved to be killed by you.

Hope you are proud of your killing

MiSS JaY said...

R.I.P GAGE WE LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU...for the person that likes to run there mouth so much and remain anyonymous you are a piece of crap to get on here and write about someone you dont even know..i knew gabe he was a good man ya he would get a lil loud when he was drunk but who doesnt, they had no reason to beat him the way they did dont matter what was going down...and yes gabe was a big guy but not big enough to bee beat down by three me you guys were just being haters cause he was native and he did have money and that why it happen...i am so sure you guys beat down every person that acts like a foul in the club right or just gabe??? i am from denver and i never thought i would be so disgusted with my city till now!