Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Most Shared Video on KNBC is Pechanga: Without A Tribe

After two years, it's STILL the most shared video on KNBC.

Without a Tribe details the story of what the Pechanga Tribe did to the Hunter family and the Manuela Miranda family. Pechanga Chairman Macarro gets caught in a lie his first 15 seconds into his infomercial.

There is a place to rate the video. If you like it, please rate it high. If you think it's unfair, rate it lower, if you think it's so-so, then rate it in the middle.


Anonymous said...

Interesting piece. It's been available for 2 years?

Anonymous said...

Yes, The KNBC video on the Hunter's have stayed on top of the most shared for 2yrs. Must be intresting enough news to be on top!!

t'eetilawuncha! said...

One of the reasons this video is so popular is it exposes Mark for the liar he is. Colleen Williams nails him right off the bat.

stand your ground said...

KNBC should bring this video back on the air, and with a few before and after comments to refresh what's happening now, it would bring more viewers to their station.