Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soboba and San Pascual Casinos Face Closure

In a move that could force the closure of Valley View Casino, the Bureau of Indian Affairs said yesterday the tribal government for the San Pasqual Indian band has collapsed in a rift over tribal membership.
“I am unable to recognize any tribal government for San Pasqual and strongly urge the members of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians to take immediate action to address this matter,” James Fletcher, the bureau's local superintendent, said in a letter.
“Only federally recognized tribal governments may operate governmental programs, businesses, conduct business or act on behalf of their membership,” he wrote.
In addition to its hillside casino in Valley Center, the tribe operates a quarry and provides government services including fire protection, housing and education.
The tribe last year expanded the casino and is planning to open a hotel.
But it has long struggled over who belongs in the tribe and the disagreement now has broken up a five-member committee the BIA considers the tribe's governing body.
Only legitimate governments can operate tribal casinos, say the BIA and the National Indian Gaming Commission, which oversees such gambling.

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Soboba Tribal Chairman Robert Salgado confirmed Friday that members of the National Indian Gaming Commission will visit to the casino near San Jacinto

Tribal members should NOT be displaying their weapons during this visit.


Anonymous said...

This is a critical month for these two tribes.

I don't believe that the NIGC has the fortitude to do anything like close the casino. This is political posturing, nothing more

Anonymous said...

Modestas Martinez and her sisters and children and descendents are the real San pasqual. But there are those descendents claiming San pasqual who claim they are decendents but who are adopted by Dorris on canal road and not from the tribe..and many more tribal members who adopt kids and claim them as San pasqual . the tribe doesn't reported this to the B.I.A. and I received a message claiming that Tilda green the tribes treasure . told the tribal members wives. She's against The decendents enrollment.not only this..the message claims when a tribal member dies she puts the grandchildrens name on the dead tribal membets assignment. Tilda green is also the secratery that forged paperwork and other foul crap had she been doing..that for years ..That Tribe needs a federal audit.they are fake San pasqual white people like Victoria Diaz and all her
Family and the villarreals who are also fake and the trask who hijacked the
San pasqual tribe in 1910 Modestas karma is coming ...