Tuesday, August 5, 2008

San Pascual - Valley View Casino Seeks to Assure Investors

The NIGC is very busy these days trying to put out fires. Maybe they should have gotten involved sooner. It's easier to put out a spot fire, rather than a conflagration.

From the Union Trib article:

Valley View Casino operator seeks to calm investor worries
10:31 a.m. August 5, 2008
The head of the organization that runs the Valley View Casino said in a statement to investors Monday that the Valley Center gambling hall is not threatened by tribal politics.
“The San Pasqual Casino Development Group is 100 percent confident that the San Pasqual Band will resolve their internal differences amicably,” said Joe Navarro, the organization's CEO. “Valley View Casino will continue to thrive.”

OP: AMICABLY is a positive sounding word. That means that they will either accept the people they just unceremoniously kicked out of the tribe or they will give a settlement. Good news on both fronts. Coming to their senses over their impending loss is good for San Pascual. Some at Pechanga are talking reconciliation too.

On Friday, the local superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs told tribal leaders that their government had collapsed over a membership rift and only tribal governments can operate businesses.
The National Indian Gaming Commission, which oversees tribal gambling operations across the country, is looking into the situation with the tribe

The casino development group is trying to restructure the debt it took on to buy out a prior management and expand the casino.

OP: The lenders would be FOOLISH to allow a business with so much internal strife, which could lead to the CLOSURE of the money-maker casino to restructure the loan. IN FACT, a lender could PUSH HARD to ensure that the tribe ENDS its troubles before they get any money or restructuring. That is exercising Moral Outrage to the good of all.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding turn of events that San Pascual would look to end this immoral treatment of their citizens. Smart move if it turns out to be true.

People in California are getting sick of all this infighting.

stand your ground said...

I don't see anything like this happening at the Pechanga Tribe. Their moraly corrupt leadership sees nothing wrong with leading the tribe further down into the Abyss. The rest of the Tribal members willfully refuse to see the truth...so it seems...they are in a cocoon...stop the denials people...someday you will have to come out and actually face the facts... stop the criminal actions of your elected "INSANE LEADERS" cause if you dont, then you will face the consequences of loosing sovereignty, is that what you want?

OPechanga said...

We will have a blog post soon on Pechanga's ethics. Please, stay tuned.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Why would we accept reconciliation? We are true members of this tribe. We all know it, on both sides. We tried to split the blanket, and they wanted it all. I'm sure we could come to some sort of agreement with the CPP, but they are the problem here. A small faction who wants to total control the government and the people.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for this casino, The view, and I would like for others to know the way they also treat their employees, I worked in an area that required minimal responsibilities but yet due to my experience, (casino business fo ten plus years, including management) i was promoted within a month. Well I (a female) came to realize this was due to my boss (a male) wanting to be more than a boss. I rejected his advances and informed my other dignitaries as well as a FEMALE Employee Relations supevisor. I was not the only person to complain about this, there was another female and 2 males that witnessed it. And other things from this "man" and use that term loosely, but nothing happens to him. He not only retaliated against me but others that witnessed and came forward against him. NOT TO MENTION THE H.R. person STATED I WAS NOT THE FIRST COMPLIANTANT, but was the first formal one she received. SO NOT ONLY WAS I AND OTHERS SEXUALLY HARRASSED HERE BUT RETALLIATED AGAINST PUT INTO A VERY VERY HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT AND ULTIMATELY TERMINATED, AS I TOLD EMPLOYEE RELATIONS HE WOULD DO TO ME, ALL BECAUSE I REFUSED TO ALLOW THIS MAN TO OBJECTIFY MYSELF OR OTHER WOMEN. This person had the audacity to also speak of women as if they were nothing making comments like "Eh it's a new year I think I will find a new one" refering to girlfriends. Or telling one lady of which he knew had an eating disorder, that she did not need a lunch break and if she was to take one to try not to eat everything in the lunchroom. ALLEGEDLY THIS MAN WAS TO BE TERMINATED 3 TIMES BUT WAS NOT BECAUSE HIS FRIEND IS MR. N. I stood up for my rights, my legal rights and everybody else's and they did not like it. I too had documntation to prove everything I stated was factual and yet I am the one to lose my job and others that faught with me. How is this? I even had other managers calling me offering me a job in their departments, and stating that I absolutely was wrongfully terminated. COME ON NOW, IF THIS HAD TAKEN PLACE AT ANY OTHER COMPANY THIS WOULD NOT BE PERMISSABLE. THE RETALLIATION ALONE IS AGAINST FEDERAL STATUTE. BUT ON TRIBAL PROPERTY IT'S ANOTHER COUNTRY IN IT'S SELF. If you do not know the tribal law you do not have a leg to stand on. So you too give up every natural born right you have and shut up and take what they dish out or leave. WELL FOR EVERY WOMAN IN THAT CASINO I TOOK THE HIT. AND GRACIOUSLY TOOK THAT HIT. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO SURRENDER MY MORAL OR SPIRTUAL BELIEFS FOR A JOB. I hope that maybe one day the senseless immoral dehumanization I have witnessed in the NATIVE CASINOS lately will one day stop. As I too know many disenrolled from the "P". I worked for two native casino's and would NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!! Anybody that chooses to build, park and golf on sacred burial grounds is destined for failure. My only warning for all of these casino people, TO DISRESPECT THE ELDERS AND ANCESTORS THAT MADE ALL OF YOUR PRIZED MONEY AND POSESSIONS POSSIBLE IS NO DIFFERENT THAN SELLING YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL HIMSELF. AND TO ROB, maybe you should talk to the employees currently working at the "P" and get a true sense of life there. you do not know one bit of TRUTH pertaining to them or the way they treat people. You sir need a large dose of reality and you will not get it from greedy corporate executives that could easily sell you as they did their own family for a few dollars. Thanks for letting me finally express and set myself free of my experiences in the casino business.

stand your ground said...

Kudos to anonymous who posted the above post on Aug.15............the truth has set you free and i applaud your courage to have faced this bastard who harrased you. Some of these tribal members are just arrogant and they think that they can buy peoples silence-they are just following the examples set by their corrupt tribal officials-the way of the elders is long gone and forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I do understand that many casino indians behave Very contradictive to the entire Native culture. Sadly these days its very obvious the casino indians, not all but most,believe their ancestors must either be their all mighty dollar or they just don't care or respect the blood in their veins. I believe there has been enough abuse and torture to the the ENTIRE NATIVE RACE. Now it seems tribes are turning on each other rather than the ways of the ancestors, protect and care for the tribe. Nobody goes without. I know these aren't the good old days but really what was wrong with those times? I know the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME OUT, and EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THEIR INJUSTICES AND LIES. As the bible says you can gain the world and lose you soul, in the end what are you left with? maybe things would be better if people thought more about that than hurting people for personal gain!!!