Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cherokee Nation: Having the Right..Doesn't Make it Right

J.M Brannum at has a message to the Cherokee Nation.

The CNO (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) is putting a definite spin on this case. The Court of Appeals ruled that the tribe has sovereign immunity, but NOT the tribal officials, meaning that the Freedmen’s case will still proceed against Chief Chad Smith and other officials. And, the decision opens the door for the Freedmen to take the case to the US Supreme Court.
But this is only one side of this case. The tribe might have the right to break its treaty obligations to the Freedmen (and in the end the individual officials might share those rights), but it doesn’t make it right to do so

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Anonymous said...

We checked out the post and their are some interesting comments.

Tribal Councils now have to be concerned that sovereignty no longer applies to them.

Now that Masiel is out of Pechanga, with they stand with him or let him founder?

The tribal council should be considering compromise, settlement or following the constitution and getting the tribe back where it belongs. The CPP has cracked the foundations of the tribe.