Monday, August 25, 2008

Allotments at the Temecula Reservation from 1897; PECHANGA denies historical FACTS

Paulina Hunter's grandparents, as proved by the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians from the Pechanga Reservation are the ONLY ones that mention Pechanga on their birth records.
Notice how the name for the place is the TEMECULA RESERVATION?
Pechanga is a PLACE.

Indian Allotments Temecula Reservation
Approved by Honorable Secretary Interior on March 29, 1897
Filed June 12, 1897

1 Berdugo, Juan 2 Berdugo, Martino 3 Berdugo, Domingo 4 Joac, Felipe 5 Helm, Adolfo 6 Aguallo, Prudencio 7 Raines, FrankPaul 8 Pa, Matteo 9 Duro, Andreas 10 Chowee, Adolfo 11 Valdez, Sinobia 12 Yuac, Leon 13 Kengish, Lugarda 14 Kengish, Santiago 15 Gaishman, Alejandro 16 Medrano, Alfredo 17 Jacuie, Thomassa 18 Trujuillo, Antonio Maria 19 Kengish, Dolores 20 Macaro, Juan 21 Attache, Bital 22 Kengish, Leona 23 Cosme, Salgado 24 Guavish, Christina 25 Rodriguez, Jose Davie 26 Rodriguez, Benito 27 Rodriguez, Alfredo 28 Jacuie, Alocio 29 Oliveras, Juan Maria 30 Majel, Jose 31 Yuac, Maria 32 Alveras, Antonio 33 Guavish, Michella 34 Ayal, Victoria 35 Casas, Luisa 36 Albanes, Martha 37 Medrano, Griselda 38 Attache, Felipe 39 Attache, Jesus 40 Rodriguez, Incarnaciona 41 Rodriguez, Polocarpio 42 Losobal, Ysidro 43 Garcia, Eduardo 44 Madines, Jose 45 Jacuic, Juan Maria 46 Pajaniun, Benito 47 Trujuillo, Vicente 48 Losobal, Petra 49 Losobal, Gabriel 50 Losobal, Rejugia 51 Valencia, Manuel Dolores 52 Valencia, Maria Jesus 53 Medrano, Maria 54 Valencia, Esther 55 Qulich, Salvador 56 Magee, Frank 57 Tochiga, Andreas 58 Garcia, Luis 59 Serrano, Jose 60 Magee, Custoria Nescat 61 Losobal, Juan 62 Hunter, Paulina 63 Contreras, Juaquin 64 Loatmany, Stefena 65 Contreras, Dolores 66 Contreras, Marcellina 67 Ramirez, Feliciano 68 Sal, Jose Antonio 69 Sal, Virginia 70 Rodriguez, David 71 Albanes, Esperanza 72 Nescat, Appolonia 73 Pajanin, Rafael 74 Pajanin, Ramon 75 Japarrakes ,Martina 76 Munio, Ysabel 77 Garboni, Josefa 78 Guavish, Francisco 79 Moguaguish, Victoria 80 Garcia, Vibrana 81 Castro, Escholastica 82 Pa, Gregoria 83 Kenguish, Feliciana 84 Medacuf, Ysidora 85 Jacuic, Jose Domingo 86 School House 87 Cemetery

The foregoing schedule (4 Sheets) of allotments of lands in severalty made to the Indians residing on the Temecula Reservation in the State of California. Under the Act of Congress approved January 12, 1891 (26 stats. 712) by Special Agent John F. Carrere, under instructions from this office approved by the Department February 5, 1893 is respectfully submitted to the Secretary of the Interior with recommendation that he approve the allotments therein described and cause patents to be issued there for in the names of the allottees as provided in the 5th section of the Act aforesaid.

D. M. Browning Commissioner E.E.W Department of the Interior March 29, 1897

The allotments to the Indians residing on the Temecula Indian Reservation in the State of California as described in the above recommendation of the commissioner of Indian Affairs are herby approved and the commissioner of the General Land Office is directed to issue in forum and of the legal effect prescribed by the 5th Section of the Act of January 12, 1891 (26 Stats. 712). C. N Bliss Secretary


Anonymous said...

Pechanga e.c. says who cares?
What does this mean?
In our eyes you are still not Pechanga no matter what you show us!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the many in the moratorium and I was wondering a couple things. First, to my understanding there were 2 families disenrolled after the casino was built, but I have heard that part of the Miranda family was kicked out before the casino was built because they were unable to prove the connection to Manuela Miranda. Are those Miranda's actually related to Manuela Miranda?

Second, I have heard there are roughly 500 people in the moratorium, should all of those people rightfully be part of the tribe? I have heard that some families that are enrolled, have members of their family that are not enrolled. Additionally, if all of those people should be enrolled why weren’t they ever enrolled, before the moratorium? Were they not involved in the tribe before the casino was built? I ask because I read somewhere that the tribe said the number of application increased significantly after the casino was built, and I was wondering what the train of thinking was back when the moratorium started.

Anonymous said...

The moratorium started, as told to the tribe, to get them caught up on the applications that were coming in but should this have lasted over 11 years? No way!

Yes, chairman Mark Macarro and many other current tribal members have family members on the moratorium and when I was in the tribe, I was disenrolled, I had nephews and cousins that were kept out by the moratorium.

Technically the moratorium should be illegal because Section 11 of the Pechanga constitution states: "THE MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT WILL BE OPENED THE FIRST MONTH OF EACH YEAR BY BAND'S ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE."

In fact, the moratorium and disenrollment are directly related as when members of the Manuela Miranda family and Hunter family were on the enrollment committee and they found out that the committee had not properly processed enrollment applications of some people who ended up stuck in the moratorium the M Mirandas and a Hunter family member went to the tribal attorney for advice on what to do and the attorney said he couldn't advise them.

It is when members of these two families brought up the wrong doings of he committee that the disenrollment started.

Yes, there were people who couldn't prove they were direct descendants of Manuela Miranda, who at that time were called true Pechanga people (they still are even if some in the tribe say they are not).

Anonymous said...

So, I guess this means that Paulina Hunter did not come after the casino opened?
The land grant is over 110 years old.
Where are the Masiels or Basquez? Were their elders in jail like their kids?

Anonymous said...

correction on my post in anwsering the question about people being disenrolled for not being direct desecendants of Manuela Miranda: I met to say that Manuela Miranda was said to be a true Pechanga person and that the people couldn't prove a direct connection to her, a true Pechanga person regardless of what some people say now.

Ironic in that Jenny Miranda, from the Masiels but was married to a Miranda, was one of the people who said Manuela Miranda was Pechanga but now she says the opposite.

Anonymous said...

I called the enrollment committe JANUARY 2007 AND WENT TO THE REZ i WAS TOLD BY ENROLLMENT MEMBER THAT THE TRIBE IS ENROLLING ALL members children under 18 and they said they are enrolling all the time I think the enrollment committe member let the cat out of the bag
then I was told by a cousin in the office we have to be members to enroll children what happened to the moritorium is it only open to a select few arent they closed for membership with the moritorium to everyone

Anonymous said...

They are enrolling children under 18 that have a blood link to tribal members, but there can be no breaks in the family line; so if you are not a member then your children can not be members until after you become a member.

Anonymous said...

I tried to enroll and apply in the rincon luiseno band of indians. My dads a member and my aunts and i'm an 1/8 indian. They sent me a paper back saying there having problems with enrollement. Just wondering when all of this will be fixed.

Anonymous said...

i'm a proud rincon luiseno that is not enrolled cuz of whatever reason.i lived on the rez as a kid,my dad,aunts,and grandparents are all enrolled but they wont let the grandkids in.I'M A CALAC!if anyone cn help explain what is going on contact me at

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons the Pechanga enrollment committee gave for disenrolling us the desecndants of Paulina Hunter was they claimed there were different kinds of Indians living on the original reservation.

But what the committee leaves out is the fact that if a land owner on the Temecula (Pechanga) reservation was from a different tribe it was noted in the allotment records.

For example, allottee number 68, Jose Antonio Pa, is listed as being a Pala Indian in the Temecula (Pechanga) allotment records.

So if Paulina Hunter was from a different tribe it would have been noted in the records.

Luiseno said...

Anonymous said...
In our eyes you are still not Pechanga no matter what you show us!

I'm glad YOU DONT SPEAK for the whole band when you say such things, only for a very very small group. It shows the bias we had to go up against.

Thank you Anonymous for making our case so well for us...

Anonymous said...

Look at for your rights! I don't think tribal members are excluded. Maybe you can find a voice with the U.N.! There are other countries that would love to put international pressure on our federal government for human rights violations!

Anonymous said...

My dad is a member of the rincon luiseno indins and he is related to someone on the enrollment committee. I'm only 1/16th indian and i'm 4th generation is there no way that i can get enrolled?