Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fake Tribe Giving Indians a Bad Name (h/t Hot Air)

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air has the story of the unrecognized Kaweah Indian Nation, selling tribal membership to illegals

When federal agents raided the Wichita offices of the Kaweah Indian Nation, Malcolm Webber told the arresting officer that he had not committed fraud and was confused how he could be arrested on “sovereign soil,” court documents show.
Now almost a year later, Webber — also known as Grand Chief Thunderbird IV — is poised to wage a legal battle in federal court as he defends himself against charges that he and his so-called tribe defrauded immigrants by claiming that tribal membership conferred U.S. citizenship. Trial begins Tuesday against Webber and the tribal corporation, the last two remaining defendants in the federal indictment.
His defense attorney, Kurt Kerns, told the federal judge last week that the defense will argue that Webber believed — based on his research, whether right or wrong — that what he did was legal.

OP: Here we have a 'tribe' trying to sell memberships, and on the other hand we have tribes like Pechanga, Picayune, Enterprise and San Pascual throwing their members to the curb. Take a look at Ed's story and comments.

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stand your ground said...

Aren't there fake pechanga indians on the tribes enrollment committee and tribal council? who falsefied paperwork to be enrolled members and to enjoy the per cap$$$$$ at the expense of the disenrolled members and of those who where denied membership in the tribe? I'M JUST ASKING......