Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pechanga Per Capita REDUCED? Did this lead to Pechanga Layoffs?

Teetilawuncha has a blog post up asking that question. Tribal members seem to be below the $30,000 mark. This is AFTER they have added new machines. Seems like the 400 weren't the only ones let go? How many more have to go before they are no longer the #2 employer in Riverside County? Time to go to PALA or another casino.

Maybe it WOULD BE better if the tribe loses the casino. It's has produced money, but not happiness.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it just a short time ago that Pechanga said they had almost 5,000 employees? Now it's 4,700 and that is to be reduced even farther?

Time to stay away from there. The service level will obviously be lower and they will probably tighten the machines even more.

Anonymous said...

I would assume that less support/maintenance people would increase the possibility of more machine "malfunctions". The casino already has a proven track record of not paying out big payoffs because of these machine "malfunctions". Do you really want to take the risk?

Luiseno said...

So what you are saying, is that with more maintenance and support personal losing there jobs at the Pechanga Casino the possibility or odds of a machine malfunctioning could increase, thereby increasing the possibility of a winning jackpot being denied.

I for one would NOT want to take that risk myself. Gambling is risky enough, no need to take on additional risks.

There are other casinos in the area that I am sure are keeping there machines properly maintained.

But I could be wrong, perhaps the Pechanga casino is not laying off any of there machine maintenance personal.

Its your choice after all, its your hard earned money. It is called gambling after all. Perhaps the greater the risk, the greater the joy.

Anonymous said...

If the decrease in per capita payments to tribal members didn't have anything to do with the layoffs and it is the slower economy that is the cause one thing that would have likely saved all of those jobs was the 50 millon dollars Pechanga paid for their stupid campaign to get their new expansion.

I wonder how those employees feel if they know how much those ridiculous T.V. commercials cost.

"Stand with us again," said a smiling Mark Macarro.

Well is Mark M going to be standing with them in the unemployment lines?

OPechanga said...

No, of course he won't be standing with them. He's making over $360,000 a year per capita and about $100,000 per year as tribal spokesman. His wife is a paid lobbyist to the tribe, and to the Red Lake tribe in Minnesota. So Pechanga is paying quite a bit to the family.

The latest numbers show $46,000,000went to the propositions. This would NOT include the money Pechanga paid to produce and broadcast the Pechanga commercials showing adopted members and ex-jailbirds who threatened our family during the protests.

How many MORE could be laid off?

Anonymous said...

Who is that lady that was in all the commercials...the one that says that the tribe was run out of the valley?..her mouth barely moves as she speaks? she behind running you guys out of your citizenship?..that takes a lot of balls !!..she blamed the white man...yet now its your own tribe doing it to you....its crazy!