Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soboba Chair Salgado wants Tribal Force.

The chairman of the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians wants tribe members to receive state law enforcement training so that they can patrol the reservation instead of Riverside County sheriff's deputies, whom the tribe has clashed with in recent months, according to City News Service.

Chairman Robert Salgado Sr. told a news service reporter during a break in a public forum Monday night that he planned to send eight tribal security officers to qualify for California Police Officer Standards and Training certification, a requirement for deputies, police and other law enforcement officers.

The forum was called to discuss a federal law that gives local law enforcement agencies the authority over a number of tribes

EXCELLENT idea. A well-trained force is necessary for security. Hopefully, they will learn how NOT to get shot at by tribal members.

Pechanga's well trained force were able to kick little children out of the tribal school after their parent was disenrolled. They were also able to protect the adults who were threatening the mother of some of the children. The tribal rangers also protected a former council members who ran onto the reservation like a punk-assed bitch, after committing battery on another member


Creeper said...

A few days ago, in Highland, i had a conversation with several San Manuel Tribal Members about the subject of controlling criminal behavior on the Rez. and was told that since everyone is related one way or another and since they live on the Rez.that they hate to get involved in these situations {i got the impression that they where afraid} i wondered why they don't get the hell out- $130,000 a mo. should buy them a way out.Maybe Soboba Members feel the same about their criminal relatives- AFRAID.

t'eetilawuncha! said...


You raise some good questions. Loyalty and fear all wrapped up. It is a very scarry time for all indian people. The civil rights and the violations of our people can are are being poked at by corrupt governments, and anyone who wats to see our people just disappear forever.