Tuesday, April 4, 2017


WHO is the Nooksack attorney?
Appeals court MIC DROPS the Nooksack Tribe's attempt to say the court has NO JURISDICTION in bold below and linked here  SILENCE from Sen Maria Cantwell on this abusing tribe

Our Supreme Court's decision is binding on remand. Notably, NBC filed a
counterclaim for declaratory relief.57  It would be incongruous for NBC to assert the trial court had jurisdiction to grant its declaratory claim but lacked the jurisdiction to deny it.

Once a court has subject matter jurisdiction over a dispute, it does not lose such
jurisdiction merely by ruling in favor of one party.

As in the prior appeal, NBC does not establish these court proceedings infringe
on the tribe's right to self-rule.59 We conclude the trial court had subject matter
jurisdiction to construe and enforce these loan agreements.

CAN YOU SAY:  ATTORNEY'S FEES?   I think you can
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