Tuesday, May 30, 2017

RACIST Hate Crime MURDER: Quinault Tribal Member KILLED by Racist Monster Truck driver

Jimmy Kramer
Hate Crime Victime

Jimmy Kramer, 20 year old Quinault tribal member was killed by a pickup driver who attacked him and his friend, 19 year old Harvey Anderson, early Saturday morning near the Humptulips Campground.

According to witnesses the pickup driver was screaming racist comments and war whoops when he purposely—and without provocation—ran his truck into the two young men.

Kramer was at Tacoma General on life support when his life ended at about 10 pm last night. Harvey Anderson was at Grays Harbor Hospital but is now at Tacoma General due to medical complications from his injuries.

Witnesses said Kramer saved Anderson’s life by pushing him away from the oncoming vehicle and took the brunt of the hit himself.

MEANWHILE:    Police were investigating a possible hate crime at the Brentwood home of LeBron James after a racial slur was spray-painted on a gate outside of his house.  SO A WORD gets investigated as HATE CRIME....murder of a Native...not so much.

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