Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BIA Takes "Good Enough for Government Work" as GUIDELINE on FOIA Requests

Is THIS what we expect from our government:  Probably not the best, but what the hell, at least we got the job done to minimally acceptable standards, some of the time.

More follow up of the BUREAU of Indian Affairs and the Emilio Reyes FOIA REQUESTS.  I have three emails from BIA Southern California agency, Javin Moore is currently the superintendent, and from Director Amy Dutschke.

Let's see if I can break these down for our readers.

EMAIL #1:  Director Dutschke is asking FOIA officer Doug Garcia, WHY FOIA requests aren't cleared from the backlog, when they are completed.  Looks like 3 weeks LAG TIME?  Interesting that it took an hour and a half to get back to the BOSS LADY.

EMAIL #2:  It appears  Sandra Hansen was trying to avoid completing the FOIA requests, including initiated a "phone tag" to delay or to avoid providing responses to SPECIFIC requests

EMAIL #3: The last one could charitably be termed a "error" stuffing envelopes. But more likely carelessness because the agency claims to mail Emilio correspondence but mails correspondence that is supposed to go to another requester.


It certainly seems like we spend a lot of time of BIA failures, issues and more, doesn't it

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